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Your Beautiful

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Phryne- 'Best Suppurating Actress'

Go on, define beauty. What's beautiful, who's beautiful, and why.

Your Beautiful

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it's a proportion thing. as long as everything is in proportion then your beautiful.

wouldn't it be nice if personality counted for some thing

Your Beautiful

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E G Mel

Apparently the more symetrical your face the more aesthetically pleasing you are. Also there are some basic nature things, men like the look of healthy females with a slight hourglass figure as it denotes good child bearing capabilities! smiley - yikes

Mel smiley - hsif

Your Beautiful

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Chris M

Beauty having been described as being in the eye of the beholder, I would like to argue that it can also be in the ear, in the nose, on the tongue, against the flesh and in the mind/heart of the beholder.

My definition of beautiful right now is Monument Park USA, Miles Davis, A summer breeze, Earl Grey tea and Renee Zellwegger. Mmmm.

Your Beautiful

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E G Mel

Beautiful, a dewy spiders web, the smell of fresh rain on earth, the sound of rigging clinking against the mast of a boat, the hugs of my parents, and the time I spend with my boyfriend and friends smiley - smiley

Mel smiley - hsif

Your Beautiful

Post 6

LL Waz

Smooth curved lines. Whatever the context - in movement, clothes, the human body, animals, landscapes, sculpture, traced by your fingers... all of it.

Your Beautiful

Post 7

E G Mel

I quite like geometric shapes as well though, I think a mixture of both is good!

Mel smiley - hsif

Your Beautiful

Post 8

Fenny Reh Craeser <Zero Intolerance: A593796>

Laughter. Smiles and jokes make my husband beautiful in my eyes.

Sunshine; rain complete with rainbow or lightning.

Most music.

Will return later and fill out the gaps...

x x Fenny

Your Beautiful

Post 9

a girl called Ben

The English rural landscape
Bluebell woods in spring
Any woods in the autumn
Cadbury's Chocolate Trifles
Mens' backs and buttocks - well, some men's backs and buttocks
The smell and feel of fat rain in hot weather
Sandalwood oil on my skin
The introduction to 'Wish you were here' by Pink Floyd
'Summertime' by Gershwin

Oh, I dunno....


Your Beautiful

Post 10

unremarkable: Lurker, OMFC, LPAS

full moon on the ocean. walking on the beach.
moonlight on snow.
the quiet that comes with a calm snowfall.
new england in the fall
morning sunlight on the water, shining through your window, gently but ecstatically waking you up...

Your Beautiful

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Alicia Silverstone smiling smiley - smiley

There are really different kinds of beautiful isn´t there. The physical beauty of a person, the inner beauty of a person, the beauty of a landscape or painting, beautiful sounds. But I have yeat to hear taste or smells described as being beautiful. But I have been reading The Third Chimp by Jared Diamond. In it he has some things about beauty. Maybe I will elaborate on them here, they´re quite interesting.

Your Beautiful

Post 12

Pink Paisley

My wife.


Your Beautiful

Post 13


A beautiful landscape: the view from my window as the sun sets over the sea in the summer.

A beautiful person: someone with that interesting difference that sets them aside from everyone else and makes you think.

Beautiful sounds: the notes from a single grand piano in a silent hall with perfect acoustics. The very rare sound of an almost perfect singing voice.

A beautiful moment: one when you feel so completely at rest and content that you wish you could capture the moment and live in it forever.

Your Beautiful

Post 14


There is beauty in:
The flight of a swan, the call of a dove,
the scream of swifts in evening May skies,
an osprey's plunge to sieze a fish and
a curlew's call on a lonely moor;
the sunrise from a mountain top,
cloud filled valleys from above,
rainbows, spindrift, brockenspectres,
brave trees on rocky crags.

There is beauty in:
the sea's silver shimmer in
the space beneath the moon,
sunlight on a water pool,
and in stark black starlit nights.

There is beauty in:
Vapour trails in moonlight,
sailing ships at sea,
gliders wheeling overhead,
and distant city lights.

There is beauty in:
the first smile of a baby,
the chuckling of an infant,
the carefree games of children,
and innocence of youth.

There is beauty in:
the open hand of friendship
the honest face of charity,
in tears of reconciliation,
and the forgiving heart of love.

There is beauty in:
the dawn of understanding,
first laughs between new friends,
a smile between two strangers,
and in hope that never ends.

Your Beautiful

Post 15

Dragonfly. "A poet can survive everything but a misprint"-- Oscar Wilde

My beautiful is kind and generous-- a spiritual beautiful. Looks be damned.

I don't have to SLEEP with my idea of beauty, do I!?? Cause... if I had to have such intimate relations, I must admit that the "looks be damned" line would have to go.

Beauty does not have to be a physical attribute. Beauty is something that we admire. One does not have to admire RINGO's Big Nose in order to admire the music of the BEATLES, for example...

Hopefully I haven't reiterated anything anyone else wrote... smiley - winkeyesmiley - hug

Your Beautiful

Post 16

Emily 'Twa Bui' Ultramarine

The human face. But then I'm a portrait painter, so I would say that. smiley - silly

Your Beautiful

Post 17

Dragonfly. "A poet can survive everything but a misprint"-- Oscar Wilde

My car when it has a new tank of gas.... smiley - winkeyesmiley - tongueout

Your Beautiful

Post 18

E G Mel

A well honed engine and the sound it makes whilst idling!

Mel smiley - hsif

Your Beautiful

Post 19

johnny yen (again)

not me.

Your Beautiful

Post 20

E G Mel

smiley - sadface

Y not?

Mel smiley - hsif

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