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The worst Song Ever?

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Trin Tragula

You can have a go at something I like smiley - smiley

Rod Stewart? That none of my friends will ever let me play Atlantic Crossing at 2 in the morning is a source of constant anguish to me.

The worst Song Ever?

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Primeval Mudd (formerly Roymondo)

I should know it but don't know it. I did see Rodders at Glasto 2002 though. Pretty good as I recall.

Currently listening to XTC, which is in no way meant to imply an allegience to the hedgemonie smashing RF. Far from it.

Vote Serephina, smash the Banjomenie!

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The worst Song Ever?

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psychocandy - Moderation Team Leader

Worst songs ever-

Jefferson Starship- "We Built This City"
Beach Boys- "Kokomo"
Huey Lewis & the News- "Stuck With You"
Blood Sweat & Tears- "Spinning Wheel"
Terence Trent D'Arby- "Wishing Well"
Yes- "Roundabout"
Steely Dan- "Ricky Don't Lose That Number"
anything by Supertramp
Dee Lite- "Groove Is In the Heart" smiley - ill
Soho- "Hippychick"
anything by Pearl Jam
"Electric Slide"
Guns 'N' Roses- "Night Train"
Carly Simon- "You're So Vain"
John Cougar Mellencamp- "Jack and Diane", or "Pink Houses", or darn near anything the mad did

and my hands-down, all time most despised "song", if you can call such tripe music-

Tears for Fears- "Mad World"

The worst Song Ever?

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Primeval Mudd (formerly Roymondo)

You are incredibly wrong. Nightrain? Come on, Nightrain rocks like a rocky thing when it's feeling particularly rocky!

Honestly, some people.smiley - biggrin

Seriously, Nightrain always cheers me up. I think it;s probably nostalgia but I loved it then and still love it now.

Have a word with yourself.smiley - smiley

The worst Song Ever?

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Primeval Mudd (formerly Roymondo)

Hang on, that list was deliberately antagonistic wasn't it. You've just listed at least 5 of my favourite songs...

The worst Song Ever?

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Primeval Mudd (formerly Roymondo)

Alright, maybe 3.

The worst Song Ever?

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psychocandy - Moderation Team Leader

Well, while I certainly wasn't picking on you...

now I definitely have reason to. smiley - winkeye

The worst Song Ever?

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Primeval Mudd (formerly Roymondo)

2. Nightrain & You're so Vain.

Come on, this is a world with The Birdy Song in it. Alittle perspective, please...

smiley - biggrin

The worst Song Ever?

Post 69

Moonhogg - Captain Coffee Break

Jive Bunny, anyone?

#Come on everybody, c-c-come on everybody...#

The worst Song Ever?

Post 70

Mr. Dreadful - But really I'm not actually your friend, but I am...

Oh, god, I can think of tons... I really despise so much mainstream music that I don't think I'll even try to list it here.

The worst Song Ever?

Post 71


I think it must be celine dion, the song about the titanic, cant think of the name but it drove me nuts!

The worst Song Ever?

Post 72


There are categories of aren't they - rather like Dante-esque circles of musical hell:

Boy/girl/mixed gender blandroid bands - best summed up by a fictional charateur (who listend to Cream - the band that is not the club - and so had at least reasonable musical taste) as "aggressively cheerful music made by people chosen for their ability to dance" - Honest Iago should recognise to whom I am refering.

An even more atrocious sub-category of this is anything Pete Waterman is responsible for.

Warbling "divas" who just have to hold every note for about three million years - this covers the collective works of Myriah, Whitney and the worthy of special mention the abysmal Celine and "My heart will go on" and on and on and please make it stop now mummy, my ears are bleeding smiley - wah

The obnonxious male equivalent - R'n'b "lover" men - Marvin Gaye's "Sexual Healing" was a great record but it opened the door to a whole sub-genre of men who fancied themselves in that role but had neither Mr Gaye's vocal or songwriting talents to back it up - take a bow Luther Vandross, (a)R (sole) Kelly, Bobby Brown et al.

The ska8r punk bois - I now understand where Kurt was coming from - if I thought most of this lot would be my ultimate musical legency I'd have killed myself too. Good Charlotte maybe girls would abandon the cars and money for you if you actually wrote better songs or maybe you should stop trying to pull shalllow cheerleaders - god I hate that song.

MC Samplers - rappers whose entire careers seem to consist of producing c-rap whose hooks consists of the samples, tunes and lyrics taken from much better songs which were hits before - P Diddy take a bow.

Again an even more appalling sub-genre of this is Eric Pr something - a guy whose entire "records" consist of one line from an 80's hit - sampled ab nauseum which seem to be bought so guys can leer at the aerobics "birds" in the videos.

"Fun" records - Crazeee Frog is merely the latest in a long line of naff "novelty" songs like the Birdy Song. Black Lace made a career out of this but at least they had the grace to take the mick out of themselves for it - as the ad they appeared in stated "yes it is true you can recycle rubbish".

Lousy music has always been with us but is it me or is the ratio of decent stuff to utter rubbish is getting smaller?. At least in the early to mid 80's pop bands looked different to each and wrote their own songs - some of them were actually half decent too. Sorry for bearing with rant I'll go away and lie in a darkend room now.

The worst Song Ever?

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Moonhogg - Captain Coffee Break

Re: "Warbling "divas" who just have to hold every note for about three million years" -
Whitney Houston -
"And Iiiiiiiiiiyeeiiiii... will always
love youoooooooohoowoooowoooooowowooooowoooooooo........."

Kevin Kostner should have let that assasin shoot her!

The worst Song Ever?

Post 74


>>The ska8r punk bois - I now understand where Kurt was coming from - if I thought most of this lot would be my ultimate musical legency I'd have killed myself too. <<

smiley - rofl

In fact the whole of that post sums it up for me smiley - ok

Can I also put in some support for whoseoever it was who hated the Beautiful South. Seconded and then some, pretensious shite and no mistake. Housemartins before them too (although Caravan of Love was the exception to prove the rule smiley - winkeye)

The worst Song Ever?

Post 75

Mu Beta

I've been gritting my teeth at this thread, ever since last week, being on self-enforced suspension.

I _LIKE_ 'Perfect', '99 Red Balloons', 'Dancing In The Moonlight', 'MacArthur Park', Beautiful South's 'Living Thing' (and most other things by them, actually), 'Stuck With You', Supertramp [Goodbye Stranger?! Come on!] and 'You're So Vain'. I own the albums in several cases. smiley - wah

EV struck a decent note for me, with bloody 'Millennium Prayer', and Kimmie was dead right with 'My Heart Will Go On', and there's plenty to be said against mass-produced pop and R&B. The latter is hardly worthy of the title, though.

For me, the most execrable, pathetic and gOdawful piece of self-aggrandising crap music was Oasis' Wonderwall. Not big. Not clever. Not meaningful. Not even musical. Just sh*te.


The worst Song Ever?

Post 76

Wile E Quixote

I haven’t been able to get Dancing in the Moonlight out of my head since I posted on this thread.smiley - sadface

The worst Song Ever?

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Wile E Quixote

Just remembered Rednex who got into the charts with Cotton Eye Joe.smiley - yuk Whenever I have the misfortune to find myself in a carpet and chrome club, they always seem to play this followed by lots of TV theme tunes such as the A Team and Grange Hill.

The worst Song Ever?

Post 78



God Save the Queen

and all who sail in her

The worst Song Ever?

Post 79


Unless it's the Sex Pistols song of the same name which is rather good smiley - biggrin

"we love our Queen, God save" :-p

The worst Song Ever?

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Blues Shark - For people who like this sort of thing, then this is just the sort of thing they'll like

In fairness to Idle, was 'I like Traffic Lights' not part of the Pythons 'Contractual Obligation' lp, which they deliberately put a load of old toss on?

And anyone wanting to knowck 'Groove is in the Heart' can come and see me and LSF for a good slapping (after she's had the baby, obviously). As for 'anything by Elvis', that's just crass. Most of modern rock wouldn't exist without him.

But frankly in a world where such atrocities as Ultravox's 'Vienna' are treated as classic, I suspect that there is little hope.

So for my own choice, the nightmare of 'Dancing With Tears in My Eyes' by said very good band gone very rotten has to be one of the worst bits of overblown tripe ever committed to vinyl.

Oh, and anything by Big Country. Guitars are not bagpipes. Stop it. Now.

smiley - shark

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