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Whatever the BBC say, it is obvious that the BBC is closing down its Religion Forums -- gradually.

Are the BBC scared of the Free Speech on Religion? Are they (after recent government whitewashes) scared of Free Speech in all its forms?

I have been impressed by the BBC on line until now -- but no more.

Does anyone else care about this issue?

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Winter - Formerly Plastic Rock Chick

not really but i do think it is a shock of what has been happening latley about religions

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A Super Furry Animal

>> it is obvious that the BBC is closing down its Religion Forums <<

Not being a subscriber to any of them*, I'd have no idea about this, but can you perhaps provide some evidence to back up this statement?

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* Or, frankly, aware of them, until you mentioned them...

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Primeval Mudd (formerly Roymondo)

It would appear the BBC is closing gay forums and leaving the religious types to carry on prattling away.

Why do religious types need a forum? I though they were happy in the company of their gods.

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