Egg's /Chickens & other info about such Birds!

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MY Egg Recipe (serves 1):

1 egg,

soy sauce,



herbs (any ones you want),


boil rice for aprox 15 min
Crack egg into a sauce pan. (if you want to microwave then use a bowl)
add milk to taste(the more the creamer it gets) heat egg on Electric 2 (havent got a clue what that is for gas)untill it is clouldy and looks like scrambled egg! add a few drops of soy sauce and salt+peper. add rice and herbs. heat for anouther 30 seconds. then eat!

This is of course not nice for everyone and many people may be sick BUT if you do like it then just think where would you be without me GARETH PRESTON (remember that name!)

For more infomation on ens + eggs wizzzz down to the bottom of the page.


Eggs are full of protein and are extremely nice but they do come out of ens and so we should respect them and the HOLY EN QUEEN 'GLENDOR' who designed the en and sent it to earth in the hope it would rule the world, but of course it failed and now we eat them most Sundays! There is however a serious side to ens and the conditions that they are put in, I only eat free range eggs, and ens, as well as eating organic produce - many people say I should turn to a vegi, but I like meat too much!


Even though Glendor (the almighty) did send ens to take over the world she now enjoys waching them play on earth, but be wary if you do not please her she will torment you.
so to make her happy say this prayer every day before you sleep.

To our holy Glendor,

I pray homage to you,

And your forefathers,

For giving us the great ,

Of the en taste that fills my mouth every sunday,

Or thereabouts.

once you have said this you will be extreamly happy to find that the next en you buy will be 2grams heavier!


you might think you know about roosters but you don't! roosters are not related to ens in any way. true, they do come out of ens in eggs, and they do provide sperm for the ens, BUT, they were not sent by Glendor, and so they are unholy! if you want to know more about roosters reply to me.


The Phoenix is a wounderfull bird and has many things to of credit upon its name;
The Collins Concise Dictionary Said:
The Phoenix or Phenix, a Legendary Arabian bird said to set fire to itself and rise anew from the ashes every 5oo years.
Pocket Oxford Dictionary said:
Bird fabled to burn itself on a pyre & rise renewed from the ashes.

Both of these accounts tell practically the same story and both are right (in away)
BUT the Phoenix is not exactly Arabian but it was put there by, yes you guessed it, Glendor. Though the phoenix does burn, and arise from the ashes re-born, it still keeps its memory and so is the wisest thing on this earth (remember that Glendor does not live on the earth!) and you can talk with it, but only on certain days.

Most weird things happen on a full moon, knowing this Glendor made the Phoenix only able to speak when there is NO moon, mainly because it gets to crowded on full moons. If you do get to ask the Phoenix a question be wary you don't say 'BUT' because the Phoenix absolutely s this word and is likly to peck your eyes out.

The Wars.

The world where Glendor originated was in turmoil they were dying off from a disease that had no cure, only one hundred beings were left, many of them were sick, there was nothing to do about it. So Glendor and 10 apparently health beings were sent out to find a new planet to colonise the took with them some scientific equipment so they could do some tests on the new world.
they flew for 3 years, seven weeks, 23 days and two minutes, then they stumbled on the earth, they were still about a years travel from it but it looked wonderful on the screen. they sent out two probes, one for atmosphere the other for life signs.
when the probes returned they found out that the earth was breathable but it was over run by evil germs (us). They set to work on creating a war machine to destroy us.
3 beings suddenly died of the disease, they were running out of time. due to this rush, they got the measurements wrong when building the war machine code named en. when all the ens were finished, about 8 million of them, Glendor was the only being alive on the ship. she did not give up, she sent out the ens to our doom.
or not, due to the size distortion they were to small to attack us, we began to capture them and eat them. Glendor watched on in dismay, but she began to enjoy watching us, as we scuttled about. Glendor started to love us, she started to use her physic powers to guide us into the new world of glory.
Glendor ruturned to her home land to find that only seven other beings were alive there they joined her on the ship and they flew back over here to see this new planet.
Glendor and this other seven had a special gene in ther bodys so they could not get infected by this disease. There life span, unlike ours is up to 98 million years, Glendor was 6 million on our year 2000, so she will live with us for a long time. The other beings do not have as great powers as Glendor but they are still important.
The Gods

GLENDOR: Leader of the gods, god of ens, creation, and birds.
SPENDER: God of love
ASDUOIC: God of water, the sea, fish and other mariene life.
DENDICA: God of Wind, the seasons, and Plantes (harvest god)
WELDICO: God of Animals.
FRENDRICA: God of music
SARSARTIC: God of war
ZANBENDORT: God of culture

hens, the latest info

Worldwide numbers: 6500
Distribution: Worldwide
Uses: Meat, Eggs, Feathers
Types: ens, Turkeys, Ducks, Geese.
Poultry are mostly low grade grazers and foragers that can survive on the leftovers around farmyards or kitchen wastes. in the develoed countries, poultry rearing has been revoulutionized by the breeding of small birds that can be kept in small cages. (battery farming) many people, me included, do not agree with battery farming, as the ens are kept in bad conditions. Free range products are slowlly becoming more popular, and lots more people are turning vegetarian.
you can by poultry in many diffrent conditions. you cna get , thighs, wings, whole, and many more.
Collins' concise dictionary states:
CHICKEN 1. a domestic fowl bred for its flesh or eggs. 2. flesh of such a bird used for food. 3. any of various similar birds such as a Prairie hen.

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