The one, true god!!

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We are lucky. For thousands of years we have beleived that "God" is some wisened, omipotent being who stares down at us
and has a bloody good laugh at everything we do. Little do you realise that it may never have been like this, for our god could well
have Onion.

Yes, the humble Onion. "Carzinaess!! Blasphemy!!!" I hear you chant at me..but it is true. And I present the facts as thus :

The first person who cut into an onion, when he beheld it before him would have had a stinging sensation in his eyes. And perhaps, he
(let us assume a "he" for now, women, substitute for "she" if you want) may have foolishly rubbed his eyes with the same hand, smearing
the juice of the onion onto his already tearfull eyes. To this person, this himble object could be a god!! It makes him cry, it brings a stinging
pain into his eyes!!! How can this be? This humble vegetable must have some omnipotent powers, or had he wronged it and this was
the onion`s revenge against him!!!

So please...take time to contemplate this..perhaps over a fine cup of tea, and perhaps true realisation may dawn upon you.


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