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I could only agree with this entry and as a person who had to study and live in the communist country I should know. Although communism is a noble idea (equality, social injustices gone, etc.) it just doesn't work in the real world. Communism was born in the minds if Bohemian Socialist in the 19th Century (Marx, Engels and others) who were sitting in Caffe Bars all day long and discussing the concept endlessly. (Thus the term Bohemian). Most of them were from middle to upper class, i.e. they never experienced the poverty first-hand.
Finally the mindsets of people, (regardless of social standing) is just too narrow-minded,greedy and selfish (yes, we can argue this till death) to be willing to sacrifice and suffer for their fellow human beings.


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When will people learn and i swear this is the last time i hope i ever have to say this.WE HAVE NEVER HAD A COMMUNIST STATE ON THIS PLANET WE CALL EARTH.The communist countries you have worked in are dictatorships to the people not dictatorships of the people. Im sorry but there is a difference.


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Marx died of a poverty related illness. He lived in poverty that someone as subjective as you could not even comprehend. Please get your facts right.


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you're damn right with that. The sovyet union was a imperialistic dictatorship and the other so-called communist countries weren't better.

There are two questions:
1. Why do "democratic" states fight against communism that is the
highest form of democracy?
2. Is this capitalist world really better just because it is easier
to live in than in a society in which everybody cares for the


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Researcher 153369

Right on Hoke. At last someone who understands what they are talking about. Everybody should or at least attempt to comprehend Marx,s Dialectical Materialism. I dont think that Comrade Stalin did. If he did he would have never had that argument with Trotsky and cancelled his contract in Mexico. I really rthink that if Trotsky would have got in that things would have been different.


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Researcher 166367

Marx completely misunderstood life, the universe and everything. Have you read anything from him? I had. It's sad. Even if his theories were implemented as he wanted to, it would have been a complete disaster. Saying that the "existing communism" is/was not the way he wanted to and that is the reason for being bad is also unfair: "existing capitalism" is also not the same as it was imagined by its theorists. I lived in "existing communism" and nothing shows better that it ruined the poor countries that had to suffer from it, than the 10 years prosperity which came after it.

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