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A page dedicated to all those shows we remember from when we were kids. Feel free to suggest more or make comments about those already included. smiley - smiley

There's a ranking system here, please leave a message stating which you remember from your youth, loved, hated or have never heard off... lets see what everyones fav is!

smiley - bigeyes I remember that!
smiley - ok ...& I loved it!
smiley - steam ...& I hated it!
smiley - huh I have never heard of this!

NB- If youve heard of things ONLY through nostalgia it doesnt count!

The List!

Action Force smiley - huh


Asterix smiley - ok
Aubrey smiley - huh
The A-Team

The Adventure Game


Bananaman smiley - bigeyes
Barbapapa smiley - huh
Basil Brush

Batfink smiley - huh
Battle Of The Planets smiley - huh
Battlestar Galactica

Bertha smiley - ok
Blue Thunder smiley - huh
Bod smiley - huh
Button Moon smiley - ok
The Banana Splits

The Box Of Delights smiley - huh
Captain Caveman

Captain Pugwash

Care Bears smiley - bigeyes
Charley Says... smiley - huh
Charlie Chalk

Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers smiley - ok
Chorlton and the Wheelies smiley - huh
Count Duckula smiley - ok
Crystal Tipps And Alistair smiley - huh
The Chipmunks smiley - ok
The Clangers

Danger Mouse smiley - ok
Danny The Champion Of The World smiley - bigeyes
Dastardly & Muttley smiley - bigeyes
Defenders Of The Earth

Dempsey and Makepeace smiley - huh
Dogtanian and the Three Muskehounds smiley - bigeyes
Dreamstone smiley - huh
Droids smiley - huh
Dungeons and Dragons

The Double Deckers smiley - huh

Family Ness smiley - bigeyes
Fantastic Max smiley - huh
Ferris Bueller's Day Off smiley - huh

Fireman Sam smiley - bigeyes
Fred Basset smiley - huh
The Flumps

Galaxy Rangers

Garbage Pail Kids

Garfield smiley - ok

Going For Gold smiley - bigeyes
Going Live! smiley - huh
Gran smiley - huh
Grange Hill smiley - bigeyes
The Get Along Gang smiley - huh


Hector's House

Hi-De-Hi smiley - huh
Hitch Hikers Guide To The Galaxy

Hong Kong Phooey smiley - huh
Huxley Pig smiley - huh
The Hair Bear Bunch

Inch High Private Eye smiley - huh
Incredible Hulk

Inspector Gadget smiley - bigeyes
James The Cat

Jamie and the Magic Torch smiley - huh
Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors smiley - huh
Jimbo And The Jet Set smiley - bigeyes
The Jetsons smiley - bigeyes
Kissyfur smiley - huh
Knight Rider smiley - ok
Knightmare smiley - ok
Ludwig smiley - huh
The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe smiley - loveblush

Mary, Mungo And Midge smiley - huh
Miami Vice

Mighty Mouse smiley - bigeyes
Monkey smiley - huh
Moondial smiley - huh
Morph smiley - ok
Moschops smiley - huh
Mr. Benn

Mr. Magoo smiley - huh
Muppet Babies smiley - bigeyes
Mysterious Cities Of Gold smiley - bigeyes
The Magic Roundabout smiley - bigeyes
The Munsters smiley - ok
Noah and Nelly smiley - huh
Not the Nine O'Clock News smiley - bigeyes
The Never Ending Story smiley - bigeyes
Orm and Cheep smiley - ok
Out Of This World

Penelope Pitstop

Pipkins smiley - huh
Play School smiley - bigeyes
Pob smiley - huh
Poddington Peas smiley - bigeyes
Pole Position

Postman Pat smiley - ok
Puff The Magic Dragon

Rainbow smiley - bigeyes
Rainbow Brite smiley - huh
Real Ghostbusters smiley - bigeyes
Rentaghost smiley - huh
Road Runner smiley - ok

Roland Rat

Roobarb and Custard

The Raccoons smiley - ok
The Raggy Dolls smiley - steam
Secret Squirrel smiley - bigeyes

Smurfs smiley - bigeyes

Sooty and Sweep smiley - ok
Space Sentinels smiley - huh
Speed Racer

Spitting Image

Star Fleet


Stoppit and Tidyup smiley - ok
Street Hawk

Super Ted smiley - ok
Supergran smiley - huh
The Secret Of Nimh smiley - huh
Mr. T


Teddy Ruxpin smiley - huh
Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles smiley - bigeyes
Telebugs smiley - huh

The Tomorrow People

The Trap Door smiley - bigeyes
The Tripods

Thomas The Tank Engine smiley - ok
Thundercats smiley - bigeyes
Tintin smiley - ok
Tiswas smiley - bigeyes
Top Cat

Touche Turtle smiley - huh
Transformers smiley - bigeyes

Ulysses 31

The Village With Three Corners smiley - huh
V smiley - huh
Voltron smiley - huh
The Wombles smiley - ok
Wacky Races smiley - ok
Wait Till Your Father Gets Home smiley - bigeyes
War Games

What-a-Mess smiley - ok
Willo The Wisp smiley - bigeyes

Worzel Gummidge smiley - huh
The Young Ones

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