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Rübezahl, hillgiant by profession

Entry: Vienna, Opernball - A983225
Author: Rübezahl, hillgiant by profession - U220775

Hi alltogeher!
Most of the backgrounds written here are true, except of the details of Ignatius' experiences at the ball...
Everything eles is as it is, so it is ... subjective like everything.
Any questions?

A983225 - Vienna, Opernball

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Mikey the Humming Mouse - A3938628 Learn More About the Edited Guide!

I admit I'm confused. So is the part about Ignatius supposed to be a story -- your ideas of what some random guy might have experienced at the Opernball had he been able to go?

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A983225 - Vienna, Opernball

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Rübezahl, hillgiant by profession

Yes sir, this was my intention. But now, as the ball is over and nothing very interesting has happend, I admit too, that my (first) article might be just sensles rambling.

As it is possibly easy to guess, I was on the side of the opponents of the ball and therefore it might be a good idea to talk more about the happenigs outside the ball - but than again - this would be talking about an infamous demonstration, which is more about an annual rejoicing of radicals with the police in happy streetfight.

So, however - possibly my article could be an addition to the existing vienna threads.

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A983225 - Vienna, Opernball

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Mikey the Humming Mouse - A3938628 Learn More About the Edited Guide!

That's a good idea -- you could go to A190144, and start a new conversation thread, giving people a link to your entry.

If you want more feedback on your entry, the Alternative Writing Workshop would be a good place to go.

For right now, though, this piece doesn't really fit in PR, being that a good chunk of it's fictional and all. That being the case, how would you feel about removing this thread from Peer Review?

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A983225 - Vienna, Opernball

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Rübezahl, hillgiant by profession

alrighty, I'll do that.
thanx for the feedback anyway!
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