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Each february the fabolous 'Opernball' is hosted at the Vienna-State-Opera by the president of Austria himself, currently Mr. Thomas Klestil, a man with the face of an aged pixie.

This is a long tradition that stems from the times of the 'Wiener Kongress' in 1814. But the first so called 'Opern Ball' in the State Opera of Vienna was in the dark 30ies in 1939.

The Invited Guests

The leading heads of Austrias political fractions, influetial peopel of national economy and the starlets and stars, the darlings of the mass-media - the monopolistic 'mediaprint group' - are usual guests at the police-gurarded, carnivalistic stateopera-event for the rich, the vain and the beautiful.

The Cheering Masses

As we will see in Ignatius tale of his visit to the ball, there is great controversy about this event.

The political opposition, communists, autonomists, radical catholics and various freethinkers unite at this day to protest against all evil in the world, which they believe, is meeting at the State Opera each february.

They protest against the seven deathsins, especially greed, gluttony and vanity, but also against the two-class society and taxes, against racism, police brutality, against media-monopolism and for womenrights, cheap beer and naked pin-up politicians.

Sometimes Hubsi-Kramer, a national comedy hero, masquerades as Adolf Hitler and wants to be permitted entry into the opernball. Usually it is denied by the policelines who protect the national elite. Then he starts parading infront of them, entertaining the demonstrators.

Ignatius Experiences at the Dance

The 27th of February drew near and the tickets for the ball-evening were all sold for tremendous colons of numbered and coloured europapers. The total of numbers must equal 16.000 Eur. for a box-card. *

This year Ingnatius Bombasticus had saved the correct ammount of greenish papers to be permitted to rejoyce with the richest and most glamourous peopel of Austrias public life.

Proudly Ignatius took his best siut and joined in to the moves of the national dance, the famous 'Walz'.

Soon Ignatius discovered that this party was indeed great. He did take a bath in champain with 'Mausi' the wife of Mr. Lugner, the boss of the wealthiest construction company of the country, while her husband was occupied with business conversations in the box of Miss Pamela Anderson, his special guest of the year (probably about the quality of the sand of Malibu-beach for concrete-tower-raising and hole-filling).

As Jörg Haider the inofficial leader * of the nationalparty came in, he started the game of 'bet the nose' which was about betting who could take the longest line of CocaColumbiana.

Meanwhilest ther were riots going on outside of the opera. Thousands of peopel wanted to get into the honoured building of singing-arts to join the party. But they had to give up becouse the Coca of Jörgl was to pure and nobody inside could move to open the doors at this time.

The police emerged and secured the doors, so nothing of the scandal could seep out to public ears and the unconsciousnes president, Mr. Klestil, suffering from encephalotrophy*, could be treated in secrecy by the superb Austrian doctors of medicin to be fit for the next govermental feast.

However, Ignatius was there. He told it all to Rübezahl and now the mountainspirit wrote it to the h2g2 for everybody to know about the happenings at the Vienna Opernball of the Earthyear 2003 ad. Christian time-measurment.

More information in the web about the Austria-State-Opera:


TFTF. Rübezahl

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