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QuadBee (39130)

Zowie! I think I wrote somewhere in this insanity that for the lack of a better term we'll call h2g2.com that Zaphod could very well find a way to save them since he's hardly mentioned in the fifth book at all except once and that wasn't for very long so obviously he wouldn't have much else to do besides saving everyone else but you thought of it first! Good show! Good form! Shame we'll never see any more of it.

Since QuadBee has become an anthology of stories instead of just one wild patchwork of different people's thoughts, you COULD concievably submit this to the QuadBee project and then follow up on it. If you want. I'm not twisting your arm or anything.

Amazing! Fantastic! Pejorative! And a whole smattering of other adjectives that I can't be bothered to type right now. smiley - bigeyes


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Jim Lynn


I do not think that word means what you think it means.


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The Dancing Tree

Yes, I rather wondered when the comment said amazing (nice), fantastic (also nice), and then pejorative (not nice). Ah well, we all have troubles with words sometimes. I used to think superfluous actually meant something was cool. smiley - smiley

Anyway, BBBB, if you read this, how do you think this chapter could fit into the Quad Bee project? I have a few ideas of how to follow it up, although it wouldn't contain _any_ of the characters within - at least not for a few chapters. I don't want to tread on people's toes by using every main HHGTTG character and then get told of 'cos people weren't meant to. Mind you, I guess Marvin wasn't used!!

Young Zaphod?

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Isn't there already a 5th book? It was about a chapter or two, young zaphod or something, if my memory serves me. Anyway, details aside, good writing, hardly pejorative (for the vocabularily challenged, pejoration is a worsening). Encore! Bravo! And yes, I had to look up pejoration. I had to look up all those words in Clerks too, except for juxtaposition.

Young Zaphod?

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Taipan - Jack of Hearts

If I remember rightly, this was just a short story written by DNA,
and was not actually developed into a book.

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