Concerns About The Futility Of Keyboards And Other Pieces Of Computer Hardware

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Now I’m not one who is concerned with the important things in life, such as what we will do in millions of years when the sun envelops the earth, or if we ARE eventually killed by the vogons in some crass misunderstanding. I figure we cant do anything much about that.

But what about the futility of keyboards? Or any other piece of computer hardware?

Keyboards, for example, cannot take having the tiniest bit of sticky juicy or alcohol spilled on it without completely seizing or exploding into a smoking wreck! I have lost no less then four keyboards this way. And mice are no better, with the balls that jam if they get anything on them, e.g. jam or golden syrup. Monitors that will not survive a 5ft fall from the shelf on which they are placed and towers that cannot handle a kick in the a-drive without denting.

So I have found answers to some of these pesky problems, one of which is the data hand keyboard. Search for it and be inspired! This is awesome! Also rollerball mice are the answer to the mouse problem! No more mouse mats for me oh no! Just a knee and a bit of imagination and the world is your lobster.

However the answers to the monitor and tower are just a tad trickier, and I could use some insight into how to solve these problems. Please... I beg of me in my search for the perfect pc... and better the understanding of mankind in this tender subject!

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