Rats and Why They're Great Pets

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If you've ever gotten sick of how stupid your small mammal pet is, if you wish your dog could be smaller and less eating-disgusting-things-off-the-sidewalk, if you ever wish your cat would use you for more than food and farting on, then you may need a rat.

Why People Don't Like Them

Let's face it - rats have a bad rep. I mean the whole bubonic plague thing. But you can't hold a grudge forever, right? And you can't blame rats today for their ancestors fault. It would be like blaming Joe Bloggs down the road for wiping out the dodos.

The problem most people seem to have is not their cute, shiny little eyes, or their adorable little pink hands, or their sweet wibbly little noses, but their long, strong tails which make them the great acrobats that they are. People seem to be freaked out by it's snaky quality, and the way it acts almost as another limb.

Not Your Average Hamster

Rats are smart. At least as smart as a dog. They are curious and bold and friendly. They form bonds with their humans. Once you've got to know your rat it can be trained to come when called by name, and follow voice commands and perform tricks. Some owners have football matches with their rats (one on one) in which they train their rats to push a ball into the net opposite, once they've learned they put two together and watch them play. Rats are naturally clean animals and will groom themselves, and their humans regularly. They enjoy playfights and tug'o'war games.

Rats are cheap to maintain and come in many breeds and colours, most of them named after breeds of cats; like the curly haired rex. These pedigree rats even have their own rat-shows.


In conclusion my rat is cute. You should buy one too. Rats should not be prejudiced against. Anyone who disagrees can step outside to fistycuffs.

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