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Dodgy link?

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rooftiler - back again, for another bit at least

Hello there,

As a new (22/05 issue) reader of the Post, I was of course delighted to find a columnist of such wit, intelligence and all round bonhomie as Dr Funderlik. Naturally, I wished to dig back in the archives for previous illuminations, and was disturbed to find that the link alleging that it would take me to Dr Funderlik's column from the 15.05.03 issue, in fact took me back to the 22.05.03 column. A dastardly trick to ensure double hits on this week's column, no doubt. Incidentally I found my way back to last week's column via the main Post archive page, so that was fortunate! Do you intend to restore the link for other fans of the good Doctor?


Dodgy link?

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Post Team

Already done rooftiler smiley - ok

I noticed when prepping the latest offering from the good Dr DF that the link to last week's column was wrong. I can only assume that this one had been ill-placed, because I changed it to the correct one and, as you quite rightly point out, these then left a double hit to 'Apples' and none to 'The Book of Names'.

All archive links here now seem to be in full working order again. smiley - cheers

It is gratifying to hear that you are enjoying our newspaper and I hope that you will continue to visit these pages on a regular basis. smiley - smiley

shazz smiley - thepost

Dodgy link?

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rooftiler - back again, for another bit at least


It's good to know that you are 'on top of things' so to speak! smiley - biggrin

Have some smiley - choc on me!


Dodgy link?

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Dr Deckchair Funderlik

smiley - wow someone actually wants to read the archive ! smiley - wow

rooftiler, you are clearly a reader of discernment, taste and obvious genius. Please have this entire lorry of smiley - bubbly by way of thanks from myself.. smiley - smiley

I am glad you enjoy reading the grunts, and I hope you survive the archive intact.

Thanks for the feedback here - posting these things into the void can give one a nervous tick, and it is always good to know that they are enjoyed.

Dodgy link?

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rooftiler - back again, for another bit at least

Dear Doctor F.. Doctor Fun.. Do...

Dear Doctor,

I wish to thank (hic) you for your generous lorry load of ch.. cha.. fizz. It is most delightful and I have not got through it yet - I don't want to get smiley - drunk as I will then have a smiley - hangover which would not be enjoyable.

You are most kind to notice my obvious genius smiley - blush - usually I try and hide it! Although discernment & taste are difficult to conceal.

Keep grunting!


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