Lampeter, Earth, Possibly

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Lampeter is a Weirdness Nexus located for some inexplicable reason in the middle of an otherwise scenic part of Ceredigion in one of those irritating and endless valleys. The town is host to the smallest university and according to some media reports, one of the most boring universities in Europe.

In a lecture on Lampeter's mythic history, Dr. James Perfect (PhD in Magic from Lampeter University) once said. "Lampeter is an idea people aspire to." That may be true. But its best not to ask what the idea is.

Students in Lampeter fit into two categories. Some students hate the place because Lampeter is isolated from the real world, lacks the usual shops and doesn't have very many night-clubs or other conventional forms of entertainment. Others enjoy it, for exactly the same reason. Its the kind of town where you have to make your own entertainment, the casual visitor could easilly pass through town without having anything happen to them. But if you are willing to be at the right place at the right time it can be a rewarding place to visit.

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