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Dazza Oxford

I like many people derived great plaesure from the Carry On films and found you're piece inaccurate as a factual argument. One mans rubbish is another mans gold as they say, so you must not be so blinkered in your opinion. Also it is very unlikely that Britain will get invaded purely for the Carry On films, I can't think of many armies made up of film critics and art house directors! I suppose if such an army did exist they would be short of ammunition and general weaponary so they could fire nasty reviews at people and send them scattering, shortly before sailing up the Thames and declaring a blitz on Carry On films, if only Hitler had thought of that one...... Carry On Adolf, nah!

Carry On Films

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hey! smiley - smiley well said Dazza-what a load of clap-trap!

people who dislike the Carry-On films are normally prudes-or people that think they are smart!

long live our proud tradition of brilliant British comedy smiley - hug

Carry On Films

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Schubert Machiavelli

Agreed - if you don't find at least one Carry On film funny, you must be lacking a certain amount of daftness... and that's a shame!

Carry On Films

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well said Shubert!

I'd never want to be so sensible that 'What a lovely pear' would seem unfunny to me!

long live the Carry Ons-and all who ride in her! (MISSUS!)

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Carry On Films

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