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Interesting title eh?

I first discovered Douglas Adams in 1995 when I was browsing the School Library for notes and stuff to help revise for my SAT's (Standard Assessment Tests for all 13 year olds before GCSE's) when I spotted this huge bulky book with an interesting title.
I decided it would beat revision any day and began to read.

I instantly fell in love with the Guide and all its parts (it was the trilogy edition), and have read it countless times since and believe Stephen Fry when he talks about noone ever understanding it as well as you do (sorry if that doesnt make sense).

Needless to say I left school and stole the book - Ive probably got a wonrderful fine now clocked up and a teacher to be known only as Mrs V (to protect my identity from her!) still trying to get me to return it.

Ha ha ha.


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Mr Mooncheese

No no no!

It's only ME that gets HHGTTG (and NOBODY else)!

That's what makes it. smiley - smiley


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Schrödinger's Cat-flap

That's pretty much how I discovered the book, too. It was my first year in high school and I found a copy in the library and thought, why not?
Best decision I ever made smiley - biggrin
Last year I got my hands on the tapes of the radio show. Love it to bits.

Share and enjoy,
~smiley - peacesignsmiley - cat


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Toastie Socks

I found it by following a link to this site from my friend's site. I asked my dad whether it was good, and he found me his copy. smiley - smiley
That's about it.

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