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Late breaking news:
Deadelvis has entered the building and founded "the Vogons"
"The Vogons are a group of beings who write dreadful poetry. If you join, then you might like to write some of this *fine* poetry, and post it to Deadelvis."

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As part of our ongoing mission
to bring justice, order and fair play into a democratically peaceful world,
we the Committee for Alien Content once again
present a mix of appetizers and horse douveries for your delectation.
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The only thing any of these entries have in common is that they do NOT meet
the requirements of the Official H2G2 Writing Guidelines.

One of favourite young writers
Darth Zaphod
has been doing some scouting for us.

Hey, jwf, I think I've got a few entries I'd like to try my luck at in AGG/CAC. *shrug* I guess I'll show them to you, and you can tell me if I should keep looking or not--thanks!
A splendid little bit about the words "this" and "that" which I thought was very good.

And, I thought about this one, Cigarettes by deadpigs But it's kind of short...tell me what you think?
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I predict that one day soon, Darth Zaphod will be the editor of CAC! __________________________________________________

The Flea Market is currently overflowing with abandoned genius and we can't possibly keep up. In the last few weeks, quite a few really good entries have been sent off into limbo. Someone there asks, "Why do all the interesting entries about time, space, the Cosmos or any imaginative, speculative or theoretical science always end up in the Flea Market?" Or words to that effect.

Take a look for yourselves. And of course, we encourage you to 'adopt' any flea-bitten entry there which might strike your fancy and give it a good home, a touch of fresh paint and a good dusting. Not necessarily in that order.


We were particularly moved by this one as it ran the gauntlet thru Peer Review and then the Writing Workshop. The author, unable to convince skeptical critics that her work was not fiction, then claimed it was divinely inspired revelation:

Numeral Shapes by U189692

The discussion thread attached to the entry makes it quite clear that some parts of the world are still not quite ready for this sort of thing. U189692 even provided some visual aids for the unimaginative:
Numerals: visual
Sadly, the author has not been around much lately. Nevertheless, we invite you to examine her homepage and read more of her other equally compelling entries,
smiley - angel many of which she claims were also inspired by 'the Angels' smiley - angel
Then ask yourself if we haven't driven away another truly cosmic visitor.


Another Flea Market find that had a good run at Peer Review:

The Smell of Nothing by Researcher 204556

has much promise with lines like:

The guide states that if you take a deep breath, you can survive for 30 seconds in the vaccume of space. It does not tell you that if you let your breath out or try to inhale, the vaccume of space will suck your insides out and turn you into a free floating extra for an Evil Dead movie.

but the PR threads attached to it indicate the usual lack of appreciation
for anyone pointing to the emperor's nudity.


Next, for posterity and your enjoyment, we have an Introduction.
At the time of this writing U203566 was going by the name of GoatBoater and we loved his self-introduction, a wonderfully modest use of his personal space to pay a sincere tribute to DNA .
He hasn't been around much either - probably sailed off in his little boat somewhere to soak up the kind of personal space that only a boat made from dead goats can bring - but we copied his homepage, titled

Debt of Gratitude by GoatBoater

This way, if he ever paddles back in and changes his story, we'll have it on record that he's a big Douglas Adams fan and a true Hiker.


Ancient history reveals...

Ever since pro-active moderation was abandoned, all the old entries and conversation threads from way, way back in the beginning times have been re-instated. So we're having a grand time reading thru the very earliest entries and postings at h2g2. It seems that at first almost anything could get into the guide ..but very early on, there was a movement to set certain standards. smiley - devil

Here's a good place to start your h2g2 history lesson, a five digit entry number A69969 by a very early five digit researcher U14607. The names in the attached threads may seem strange (check out some of those early five digit researchers) but the conversations sound eerily familiar, although in truth I think we really may have become a little more polite and considerate since the days of moderation.

Sarcasm by U14607


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And finally, in case you missed it last time ,
a radical new form of h2g2 playfulness. smiley - nahnah

The Random Quotes Guild

created by our friend Darth Zaphod and her cohort Chauncey . smiley - space As well as being mostly harmless and mildly subversive fun , we think this idea has a lot of potential for offering relatively anonymous criticism smiley - love and instruction smiley - wizard


On behalf of the Committee for Contented Aliens,



"42 may be the answer, but we believe there are

still questions to be asked."

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