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Otto Fisch ("Stop analysing Strava.... and cut your hedge")

Hi Lifeseeker! Are you back from your holiday?


A952599 - The Human Ear

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according to a reference book that I have misplaced around here somewhere, those hairs in the ear work together in a similar manner to a phased array radar.

the different lengths and positions work together to provide the fine level of descrimination on both frequency, and location.

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Hi. I'm back from holidays, yes. Reading all the feedback on this article, I have to say I've lost some confidence in my ability to finish it to a high enough standard. It started simply as an expression of wonderment at the marvellous capabilities of the Ear... now people are expecting an in-depth anatomical explanation and technical description. Maybe I shouldn't have started it.


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Hi Lifeseeker,
Nil Desperandum. I had exactly the same problems with an article I wrote about sumo. People wanted me to put more and more detail. I solved the problem by writing the words 'Introduction to...'!smiley - biggrin I'll go and check out the EG entry cited and I'll get back to you.

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Well, I think the issue is simply a question of degree.

If the article is about the human ear, then its function, anatomy and physiology are appropriate. If it's about hearing, that is very different.

It's difficult to say "I'm going to describe this anatomical sturcture", then describe parts of it, while leaving out others.

But yes, a change to a title that more accurately reflects the content would be appropriate.


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Smij - Formerly Jimster

Hi Lifeseeker - I hope you've not lost faith with this, as it's a good entry. In fact, one of our Scouts has recommended it for the Edited Guide.

Before I accept it, can I make a few suggestions?

Firstly, on the matter of the title of the entry, I can see that there's a slight clash of interests between the purely scientific and the creative approaches. How does 'The Wonder of the Human Ear' sound as a title? It gets over the essence of wonder that you seem keen to express and doesn't limit you to being too detailed about either the working elements of the ear or its processes.

We tend not to have headers and subheaders at the top of an entry, as the first paragraph should work as an introduction. So I'd recommend dropping the header 'The human ear is a truly remarkable organ.' and the subheader 'From Whispers to Jet Engines'. Then, if you change the subheaders in the entry to headers, it'll match the house style a little better.

Finally, the section under the heading 'Marvel' should really be ditched. Although our inspiration comes from Douglas' work. we're not really a fan site and the first paragraph undermines the entry in trying to tie it unnecessarily to Douglas' work.

I think these small changes would make the entry work along the lines you want it to while also fitting the general style of h2g2 entries a little closer.

Hang in there - you're nearly there! smiley - cheers

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Ok. I'm about to renew my attempt on this article. Courage!

A952599 - The Human Ear

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Well Lifeseeker? This is one of the oldest PR entries still being worked on.

I must say you have corrected a long held misapprehension I had that Cherry's work on the Cocktail Party phenomenon was to do with subconciously listening to all conversations at parties until triggered by key information, such as your own name, when you start listening conciously.

Pimms smiley - mistletoe

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Good article, i like it smiley - ok just a question... you know the bones in your ear? Are they the smallest ones in the body? Sorry, not really a comment on the article, just a general wonder on my part. Oooo, just thought, was watching a programme all about hearing the other day and they were talking about how when you hear a REALLY LOUD sound, it can vibrate the balance bit (sooo technical smiley - smiley) and make you feel like your falling through the air, so you experience a natural high... dunno if thats suitable for the article or not... just thought it was quite interesting!

smiley - silly

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Hi lifeseeker,
I agree with Jimster. If you can ditch the first 3 sentences of the paragraph 'Marvel' and instead draw the article to a close with some general thoughts then it would really help. Having said that I like the babel fish idea in principle. How about something like
'Although we don't have a babel fish the ear helps us to distinguish between languages and dialects in a similar manner. We can each recognise the different sounds of many languages by decoding the information sent along a series of small bones and tiny hairs. We may not understand all that is being said, but the ear gives us the basis to start from.'
Just my idea and writing style, but I feel something along those lines will fit in with the feeling of wonder you conveyed so well.
I am desperate to pick this so please try to put the final touches to it this week. I'll keep a pick free till 19th August. Go for it.

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Lifeseeker hasn't posted since June 30th. Which is a shame considering the promise that is shown in the entry.

I propose a move to Flea Market.


A952599 - The Human Ear

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Seconded. smiley - ok

I'll send off the email.


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