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The H2G2F2one FRANCE scores are in

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FRANCE (full score-boards here - A9390099 )

Pts - Team
40 - AlZooma (Fer/MSc/Coul)
29 - PaffF1 (BMW/Alon/Butt)
28 - CyzakiRacing (Wil/MSc/DLR)
22 - K2P2 (Toy/Trul/Fisi)
18 - Brendano Minardi (Hon/Alon/Rosb)
17 - VroomSplat (Red/Raik/Coul)
10 - Cheese (Wil/Webb/Fisi)
09 - me[Andy]gmaniaF1 (Hon/Raik/Butt)

smiley - bubbly Advocatus Diaboli has won it once more. smiley - bubbly

This is how AlZooma did it:
smiley - star Schuey got pole and won (10pts + 10pts).
smiley - star DC started top-ten but didn't quite make it to the points this time (0pts).
smiley - star Ferrari got pole and won (10pts + 10pts).

Could this have been beaten? Yes. An all-red Ferrari/Schumacher/Massa combination would've got an unbeatable (but boring) 54pts.

smiley - bubbly Well done Advocatus Diaboli. smiley - bubbly

Here's your award:


FRANCE winner

Advocatus Diaboli

The H2G2F2one FRANCE scores are in

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Al Johnston

Thankyou smiley - winkeye

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The H2G2F2one FRANCE scores are in

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