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Most people don't realise just how user-friendly the apocalypse can be. For example, if you had a large nuclear missile, you could start it off right now!
Another thing commonly neglected to mention is that the apocalypse is already inderway, with cars, plastics, and McDonalds spread all across the world. Your contribution is welcome, either take a long journey in a car, throw your chippie-bag out the window, or buy a Big Mac with fries!
No-one can complain about it, because they're doin' it too! (If their not, set them straight)
Exclamation marks! The sign that the apocalypse is coming! Hurrah!
Some people think that they can get out of the apocalypse by living in a tin can for fifty years when it arrives, but little do they realise, the APOCALYPSE (In capital letters) is EVERYWHERE! (Ditto).
Enjoy your weekend! (It may be your last)

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