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Rosa Baggins daughter of Pronto Baggins and Mimosa Bunce

When I lived in Scotland I heard about this very rare bird.smiley - tit

The capercaillie is one of three bird species that are restricted to the pinewood habitat in northern Scotland (the other two birds are the crested tit, Parus cristatus, and the Scottish crossbill, Loxia scotia). The capercaille prefers old, open pine forests with lush ground cover, though in summer it is occasionally found in mature oak-woods.

The capercaillie today in Scotland now originate from Scandivian stock, as they became extinct in Scotland in 1785. Before its extinction, it was once very common and widespread. As sooon as the forests were felled it became very rare until the last pair were shot, allegedly for a royal wedding banquet at Balmoral. Failed attempts were made to reintroduce the capercaillie for sport by the Earl of Fife at Mar Lodge early in the nineteenth century. In 1837, the capercaillie were successfully re-introduced by Lord Breadalbane at Taymouth Castle and they rapidly colonised the local pinewoods. Soon other rintroductions of the bird were made in various places in pinewood localities in Scotland, using the descendants of the original Taymouth introductees, as well as combine it with the additional capercaillie brought from Scandinavia.

Today the capercaillie are still facing a crisis. Recent population figures from the RSPB/Scottish Natural Heritage joint survey indicate that the Scottish capercaillie numbers have declined to around 1,000 individuals, which is a half of the population in the last five years. This is a serious reduction of the population and it is due to the decrease of suitable habitat as well as increased numbers of predators to the capercaille, such as foxes, stoats and crows. In addition to the adult population being decimated, the survial of the new born chicks is also a problem too due to illnesses and lack of food.

Friends of LD's Quotes and Other Stuffs Section: Animals and Pets.

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Rosa Baggins daughter of Pronto Baggins and Mimosa Bunce

Gerbils are small rodents that originate from the desert areas of Eastern Europe, Asia, and Africa. Their long tails help them to balance on their back legs. They are social animals and prefer to live in family groups.

Hamsters are rodents that sleep in the day and are awake at night time. They originated from the Middle East. They prefer to live solitary lives, and they make interesting pets. They come in many colors and types of coats.

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