A Conversation for The Mother of All Gooses

The Crossroads

Post 41

Titania (gone for lunch)

smiley - laugh

*wondering exactly which kind of colour Amy was referring to, especially since Humpty Dumpty managed to display a smiley - blush*

The Crossroads

Post 42

Pansy Ffing

smiley - spaceDo you know, we haven't seen the Seven Dwarves for a quite a while either. I hope they are OK and not too sad about anything. Mind you, the last time I saw them they were feeling happy.

smiley - spaceHappy seemed quite pleased too.

*offers the mice a sip from her cup*

The Crossroads

Post 43

Three Blind Mice

*all take a sip from Pansy's cup*
Thank you kindly.

*they adjust their fedoras and step on to the path*

It's time to move on
To our last destination.
Across the great beyond
to our last destination.
Let the final act dawn
on the cast's grand creation!
It's time to move on
to our last destination!

*the mice scamper off in the direction of the Gingerbread House*


The Crossroads

Post 44

Blue-Eyed BiPedal BookWorm from Betelgeuse (aka B4[insertpunhere])

(B4 gets a bit of a glazed look in his eyes. He stands and walks uncertainly to the path. Once there, his gait changes to a kind of hopping hobble. He begins to pick up the pace but can't quite seem to bring himself to break into a full-out run. He's muttering...)

Too long between pit-stops... Lessee... Where's the nearest--Oh, yeah!--the GingerBread Cottage...! Gotta go, gotta go, gotta go, gotta go...

The Crossroads

Post 45

Purr in Boots

smiley - cat
[Purr] All thiss lazing about and drrinking tea has ffinally caught up with meow, Ai think. Urrrr... Where's the nearest...?

**Without further ado, Purr springs to his paws and bounds along the path toward the GingerBread Cottage.**
smiley - cat

The Crossroads

Post 46

Mysterious Stranger

*arrives together with Mary, closely followed by an extremely dangerous looking smiley - sheep that is barely able to hold back the snarling and gnarling*

*looks at the road sign*

Well, we've been everywhere else but the Gingerbread Cottage, so my guess that is where we are heading - ready, chérie?

*clicks his tongue at the smiley - sheep*

Tsk tsk tsk! Attention, mes amies! A leeetle bit of professionalism, s'il vous plait! We must make it to the Grand Finale! Now hurry up!

The Crossroads

Post 47

Amy the Ant - High Manzanilla of the Church of the Stuffed Olive

Come on Buttercup. You'll miss your cue.

The Crossroads

Post 48

Buttercup the Pantomime Cow

[Front]: Sorry dear. It was so nice lying here chewing the cud.

The Crossroads

Post 49

The Ugly (but rather big) Duckling

*politely tries not to stare at Humpty Dumpty, never having seen a blushing egg before*

*discovers that almost everyone has left*


*hurries down the path, running, flapping, hovering, putting down a foot, sheeding duckling feathers all over the place, thus changing colour, flapping some more - and it's a take off!*

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