A Conversation for The Mother of All Gooses

Ho Ho Spire

Post 261

Blue-Eyed BiPedal BookWorm from Betelgeuse (aka B4[insertpunhere])

smiley - smiley
(After allowing all the passengers to exit the gondola car, B4 strolls along the pier reminiscing of days gone by on the Gulf Coast. Vivid in his memories are the sounds of water lapping against a wharf, the salty tang of ocean water suffusing the summer breeze, the plaintive call of seagulls circling the fishing boats, the sight of herons wading through the bayou marshes in their stilted gait, the splash of alligators on the prowl, the chirrup of crickets at dusk, and the echoed croaking of bullfrogs following an afternoon rain. With all these thoughts coalescing in his mind's eye, B4 suddenly finds himself standing at the
smiley - erm

Ho Ho Spire

Post 262

The Ugly (but rather big) Duckling

*finally manages to get out of the gondola*

*looks around*

*hearing voices in the distance*

*looks at water*


*unable to resist, he plunges into the water*

Ho Ho Spire

Post 263

The Ugly (but rather big) Duckling

*beginning to find it a bit boring splashing around in the water with no one to play with*


*looks at his own reflection*

*noticing that his plumage is beginning to look oddly motley*

*tilts head, reflects over the reflection for a while*

*grows tired of that too*

*gets out of the water and heads toward the sound of voices in the distance*

Ho Ho Spire

Post 264

Humpty Dumpty (and Chicken Little, his chicken)

Mommy! Mommy! * Stirs and begins to wake in the sudden cold draft that he now feels in his spot in the duck's gondola, and realizes that the warm feathery feeling was naught but a dream of his mother, unless in his panic he took refuge... no he would never do that... far too embarassing... if he took refuge by hiding beneath... . * * Brushes some duck feathers off of his head, and wobbles off towards the crossroads. * http://www.bbc.co.uk/dna/h2g2/brunel/F107682?thread=274206&skip=20&show=20

Ho Ho Spire

Post 265

Mysterious Stranger

Cursed be Continuity - we're not getting anywhere like this!

*manages to push the smiley - sheep out of his way, giving it an extra kick in the butt when squeezing past*

*offers Mary his arm*

*together they hurry after the others, followed by an extremely grumpy looking smiley - sheep baring its teeth*

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