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There are two basic types of parties for teenagers: the supervised, and the unsupervised. The supervised party is just that, a party at which parents will be present. But beyond the simple definition, it is also more tame, and far less likely to involve drugs, alcohol, or sexual activity. In certain circumstances, when the teenagers involved are either very responsible or convinced that they are being spied on, a party can be supervised even if it is not supervised by adults.

On the flip side, if the parents present are inattentive or just don't care, a party that is technically supervised can fall under the category of 'unsupervised'. However, these are exceptions to the rule, and generally unsupervised parties are wild affairs with loud music, couples making out (or worse) in a back room, and quite often alcohol and/or marijuana.

Supervised Parties

A preppy1 girl's slumber party is a perfect example of a supervised party. Lots of friends, makeup, nail polish, and the latest Dave Matthews Band CD, because they all think he's SO ADORABLE! Parents don't tend to mind these types of parties, other than the fact that the girls stay up all night singing stupid pop songs and eating ice cream.

The guy side of this is one of those parties where they play D and D2 all night and drink so much Mountain Dew that their bodies are permanently infused with caffeine.

Unsupervised Parties

Much more fun. Loud rock music, seemingly endless supplies of beer, and passing the bong around. These are the sort of parties you see the popular kids throw in teen movies, although where I live the preppies are far too careful of their health to do serious partying. Years of brainwashing from the D.A.R.E.3 program and random drug testing for athletes are very effective in keeping the popular kids away from drugs. If you want to have fun, search out one of the kids with a Slipknot t-shirt on and headphones permanently attached to his cranium.

Now, that wasn't so bad, was it? Go search out a party! Coming soon: How to Keep Your Parents From Finding Out About the Party You Threw Last Night When They Were Playing Bridge at the Country Club.

1This is what we call pretty, popular, cheerleader-type girls in America. I'm not sure what the term is anywhere else.2Dungeons and Dragons, a popular roleplay game among teenage boys who can't find girlfriends.3Drug Abuse Resistence Education. Police officers involved with the program go around to schools and make speeches about how smoking a joint will turn you into a maniac who kills old ladies and takes their money just to get another hit. Official slogan? "Brainwashing Kids Since Nancy Reagan Told Us To."

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