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Heath Flowen: He who takes up the sword dies by the sword.

To get or become a werebeastie, just type what beastie you want...aaaaand........ Now!
I wanna be a Weredragon (Chinese type)
I wanna have a pet wolf, a really savage one at that.

My Werebeastie

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ex Brigadeer, now Tealady Werekitty aka Tobru De'ran; ex sith extraordinaire, well poked veggie fascist and Goo Goose

A chinese dragon?
I met one of those once, he kindly gave me a scale.

*walks down the rows of filing cabinets, and opens one that looks better looked after than the others*

*straps Heath Flowen into the Beastifier, and reverentially places a jet black scale in the tray*

He was one of the four dragon kings from the beginning, they were punished for helping mankind, but never regretted it.

*pulls the lever*

smiley - magicsmiley - magicsmiley - magicPOOF!smiley - biggrin

Congratulations.. you are now a WereChinese-Dragon.

You still have a full human shape, in your half and half shape you are covered in dense velvety-black and sharp scales. You have long whiskers and a wolf-like fierce head, and claws.
In your full dragon shape you have a long, beautiful serpentine black body, four eagle talons and a fierce face.

*heads into the warehouse, fetches a crowbar and opens a /big/ wooden crate*

smiley - bigeyes

*a wolf matching the black of Heath's dragon-black and as big as a bear leaps out, snarling, and nuzzles her hand loyally*

smiley - biggrin

My Werebeastie

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Heath Flowen: He who takes up the sword dies by the sword.

Yeah! Thanks. smiley - wow

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