Rigel V

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Memo to all personnel aboard the CSS Mariposa

We are approaching the Rigel System through hyperspace. We anticipate entering the system on stardate 5766.10.5. Rigel (Beta Orionis) is a blue giant, its diameter about seventy times that of Sol. The star is turbulent and energetic - starbathing on the Observation Deck is not recommended. The name Rigel is short for Arabic 'Rijl Jauza al-Yusra', meaning 'the foot of the great one', referring to its position in the constellation Orion1.

The complex waves of turbulence across the sun's surface should not trouble crewmembers - the Mariposa's shielding is more than adequate - but may cause the Gaels to behave erratically. Caution is advised when dealing with them. Report any untoward encounters to Security, Dr Popescu, or the Captain.

Rigel will appear large, white, and (for you Earthers) about as bright as the crescent moon. In the distance, if you use the Observation Deck's telescopes, you may spot Rigel B and Rigel C. The Rigel we visit is usually just called Rigel, but is actually Rigel A. The entire system is a triple star system - Rigel B orbits Rigel A at a distance of 23 light days, and Rigel C orbits Rigel B at a distance of about 42 au.

Rigel V

Rigel V is a Class M2 planet. Its continents are all islands - five of them - with all but one being given over completely to agriculture, and one being used as a sanctuary for healing and retreat.

The entire planet is a wholly-owned property of the Confederation. It has no government, and is subject entirely to Starfleet regulations and Confederation law. Rigel V is under the authority of a governor. The current governor is Hrolf Grimmurson.

Personnel will please behave as if they were in a Starfleet port - which, indeed, they are. Gaels do not require to be leashed, but must have permission to go planetside.

The Rigel V complexes consist of:

1. The administrative area, known as Rigel Homebase. This pleasant administrative compound includes guest quarters for overnight stays.

2. The Starfleet Medical Complex, where long-term treatment is undertaken.

3. Various monasteries permitted under licence by Starfleet, including the monastery of St Brendan Behan, a training facility for Gaels.

4. Various parks and retreat areas. Cabins are available for stays in sylvan surroundings, to aid in relaxation and meditation.

Visits to Rigel V are by permission only, but crewmembers who have shore leave coming are encouraged to take advantage of the opportunity for rustic recreation.

Rigel V is a terraformed planet. All lifeforms there are originally Earth forms. No lifeforms may be introduced to, or removed from, Rigel V, under penalty of Confederation law.

There is no shopping available on Rigel V. Money of any kind is of no use there. Those who wish a shopping experience may take their lives into their own hands by visiting Rigel VI.

Respectfully submitted,

Jamison Douglass
A space landscape
1As seen from the planet Earth - when Earth was still there to see things from.2For Merovingian.

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