Westhaven, Diemenvan, Rigel VI

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The city of Westhaven is the largest industrial city in the country of Diemenvan, a continent in the southern hemisphere of Rigel VI. Diemenvan is a large, almost completely desert continent. Westhaven is on the west coast, in an area which is usually hot and humid, and occasionally suffers water shortages.

Westhaven is a walled city with five distinct sectors in a rough cross, with the fifth sector in the centre. There are four gates to the city, each directly at the four points of the compass, which neatly divide each quarter of the city. The roads from the gates cross in the exact centre of the city, in the middle of the fifth sector, Jackson's Market. The five sectors of Westhaven are separated by old walls, and each sector is accessible through Jackson's Market or guarded gates along the walls. Each visitor must obtain a pass to move freely between sectors.

There are innumerable secret ways to get from one sector to another without going through a checkpoint, usually through abandoned buildings. To use most of them you'll need to know someone, or pay someone off, or beat someone up.

North Quarter

The northern-most sector is the north quarter. It is the richest and best protected section of the city, and it is advisable for all Starfleet personnel to book into one of the hotels or bed and breakfasts. The north quarter continues to the north into the countryside, where many rich and influential families live in large, well-protected villas. There are several outdoor markets and specialist shops in this sector.

Mansfield Road
McLeod Manor
Lincoln Bed and Breakfast


To the east is Churchhill, remarkable for its complete lack of either a church or a hill. Churchhill houses nothing much more than slum tenements and criminals. Not as dangerous as Southside, but still not worth risking your neck to visit.

Gothic Court tenements
Geio Street


Next is Southside. Great place for those who are tired of living. Home of Westhaven's abattoir and dye factory. Not worth a look.

The warehouses and factories here look abandoned, but they are mainly operational, and don't think that just because you can't see anyone, you aren't being watched.

This warehouse houses smuggled weapons
This building has officially been abandoned for a century, but it is used to manufacture drugs


To the west is Lightvale. The most remarkable sight in Lightvale is the mausoleum, popular with tourists and safe from muggers, if not pickpockets. Lightvale also houses the shuttle-port.

Eternal Peace Mausoleum
Sierra Space Port

Jackson's Market

The centre of Westhaven houses the fifth sector, Jackson's Market. This is the most popular sector, attracting people from all four sectors - the rich from the north quarter to visit the quaint village atmosphere and the citizens of the other three sectors to buy their food and if possible steal from the rich. Watch for children especially. They have perfected the art of pickpocketing, and may even steal your pockets without you noticing. The area contains open-air markets, shops and abandoned warehouses that are to be avoided by all law-abiding citizens.

Jackson's Market North
Jackson's Market South

Liberty Market: This warehouse was the location of the incredibly illegal auctions - including the sale of Gaels - until Starfleet shut it down.

Citizens of Westhaven

Poverty is rampant in Westhaven outside the carefully patrolled northern sector, so watch your belongings and never carry all your money with you at once. If you are mugged, give your assailant what he wants. You'd be wise to leave everything you don't want to lose on the Mariposa. Don't go armed unless you are trained to fight. If possible, stay in large groups, preferably accompanied by one or more marine, especially outside the northern sector.

While the law-enforcers (known as the Guard) are dedicated and hard-working, they are under-manned, so it's advisable to direct any complaints to the Mariposa Security forces.

99% of the Guard forces are crooked. Don't expect any help, and if you're lucky they won't actively break the law. They are in the pockets of the aristocracy.

Do's and Don't's


  • Watch your money, your friends and your back
  • Avoid eye-contact with anyone wearing a hood, with visible scars, or with more than one scantily-clad woman on his arm
  • Always act as the Alpha male


  • Haggle
  • Pick fights
  • Gamble
  • Get drunk, unless you don't mind waking up naked and broke
  • Go into Southside
  • Never back down

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