Semiannual Report on the State of the Warren Aboard the CSS Mariposa

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Submitted by Dr Radu Popescu, Astromorphic Veterinarian
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Initial phases of warren installation aboard the Mariposa have gone well. The warren - created by the Gaels themselves using crystal technology - has taken the form of a modest, but apparently reassuring dwelling with individual bedrooms, study, sitting room, bath, and kitchen. The only alteration Starfleet made to the structure was to add a regulation door with keypad access. The Gaels themselves keep the warren tidy, and attend to their own housekeeping and cooking needs. Interference from other crewmembers has been minimal, as have visits to the warren, which are well below Starfleet average. This seems to suit the Gaels, all of whom - with the exception of the cub born aboard ship - are feral and therefore shy.

Besides the Captain, the only crewmembers of the Mariposa who have had sexual contact with the warren are a shuttle pilot, Lt Devereaux, and a general-duties junior officer, Ensign Jeremy Metcalfe. Both are from Old Earth themselves, and seem to have found their way to Gael contact by means of being inclined to a broader ranger of sexual activity on their home planet than was the norm there.

The warren complement consists of the astral engineer, Jamison Douglass, Morgan Herrington, Jamison's bonded mate and the warren queen, their cub, Toirdhealbhach, Liam O'Hanlon, astrogator, and Rory Donahue, communications technician. I will discuss each in turn, in reverse order.

Rory Donahue is the offspring of Kevin Donahue of infamous reputation. He takes after his sire in many ways, being cheeky, sly, and sometimes obstreperous. He has an aversion to sexual contact with females of any species. He is an excellent technician, but requires close watching. He has formed a satisfactory attachment with Lt Devereaux, The precis of Lt Devereaux' contact diary is attached as a separate , compressed file. Rory has had no major medical or psychological problems since coming aboard.

Liam O'Hanlon - the tallest Gael on record at 198 cm - is quiet and biddable.. However, as an astrogator he is prone to withhold information from his superiors according to his own judgement. He has formed a satisfactory attachment with Ensign Jeremy Metcalfe. The precis is attached as a separate file. (It has been edited for spelling and grammar.) Liam, too, has experienced no major medical or psychological problems since coming on board.

Toirdhealbhach (Herrington), our miracle cub, continues to astound us. Born on the Mariposa in a birthing ceremony witnessed by this writer (unfortunately with less success than might be hoped - see attached file), Toirdhealbhach has demonstrated the ability of the astromorphic biocontinuum to form fully adult Gaels even from mated ferals. Toirdhealbhach appears to have all the Gael cub's ability to build new fields, while being essentially complete in himself, in spite of having been born to juvenile parents who are themselves incomplete (see below). Toirdhealbhach has not as yet formed any attachments aboard ship, although he has participated in Fourth Watch activity, with the Captain and with the Countess Elektra Gheorgheni. Toirdhealbhach has had no major medical or psychological problems in his three months of life.

Morgan Herrington, queen of the warren and Toirdhealbhach's mother1, was brought aboard the Mariposa to breed with Jamison. Results were startlingly rapid, especially considering that Morgan, like Jamison, is an immature feral Gael. Only 24 when she reached the galaxy by means of dimensional conversion, she is now 27. Although there had been speculation as to the dangers of allowing the breeding of queens too early, fears as to possible damage to mother and cub appear to have been misplaced2, and mother and cub appear to be doing well.

Morgan is shy, with occasional outbursts of rebellion which are, however, easily dealt with by the usual methods. She is extremely attached to her mate, with whom she bonded by the usual Gael technique of shooting him in the earlobe with a stud gun. Their sexual activity is remarkably diverse and constant. We may confidently expect further successful breeding.

Morgan occupies herself with housewifery, and is an accomplished cook and seamstress. She also maintains her toms in good order. She is not entirely respectful to the Captain. Morgan has had an attack of 'Gael sleep disorder', which was successfully overcome, and experiences occasional hebephrenic attacks in hyperspace. Overall she appears to be adjusting well psychologically.

Jamison is the member of the warren about whom I am most concerned. At 25 - and only three years in the galaxy - he is extremely immature. In addition, his feral experience did not provide him with a background conducive to life on a Confederation starship. He was raised as a member of the British aristocracy (albeit at a time when this status had ceased to have its former significance in society), he was educated at a military school, and at the time of transference (by explosion) he was serving as an army officer. Dimensional conversion itself was stressful, as not only was he the victim of assassination, but upon arrival on Rigel VI fell immediately into the hands of illicit Gael traders, from whom Starfleet rescued him. As a result, his attitude is far from what it should be for an astral engineer.

The field strength produced by his efforts in the engine room are what is needed to keep an usual ship of the type the Mariposa represents going. It requires a very unusual configuration of Gael energy to power the adaptation mechanism which alone makes possible this important experiment. It is therefore necessary to monitor Jamison's progress closely, without, of course, allowing him to see this. To this end, I have adopted the measure - unusual in a veterinarian - of maintaining as much distance as possible from the warren and its activities, and relying on other means for my information.

Jamison is moody, often demonstratively rebellious, and prone to bursts of creativity followed by passivity. His intelligence is considerably below that of the other Gaels (while still of course being beyond the reach of humans), although his sexual drive is much higher than that of most feral Gaels, being closer to that of tame Gaels - itself an alarming development on a ship full of Gael-averse humans. Fortunately, Jamison himself seems to display no particular sexual interest in any of the crew3, although his exploits on planetary away missions (see attached zipfile) indicate his proclivities in that direction. Fortunately, as he is now mated, Jamison divides a good deal of his libido between his tabby and the engine wheel, the regrettable4 effects of which are now documented (see accompanying report from Lt Jenkins).

Jamison does not possess an addictive personality - no Gael does - but is remarkably pleasure-seeking, being prone to stray in the direction of whatever in the way of sex, recreational drugs, or creative activity he spies in the distance. He requires careful control, and more oversight than he is currently getting5. Since being brought on board the Mariposa on its maiden day as a Starfleet vessel, Jamison has had numerous bouts of autoamnesia - which appear to have abated since his mating - and suffered from severe mood swings. Physically, he is subject to temporary skeletal deformation caused by his exertions on the wheel, and aggravated by TMJ acquired by feral birth. He was also infested with fleas at one point.

In conclusion, I may say that the first five months aboard the Mariposa have been eventful ones for the warren, but productive from the Starfleet point of view. Successful breeding, and the discoveries and innovations made by the cleverer members of the warren, in addition to the achievement recently of an adequate energy balance for starship maintenance and propulsion, point to an optimistic view of the outcome of the Mariposa experiment.

Recommendations of the astromorphic veterinarian:

1. A continuation of the hands-off policy in the warren. The relaxed atmosphere there is conducive to settled Gaels..

2. Improved discipline outside the warren. They get away with far too much, which is not good for them.

3. Better mentoring for Jamison from his officer. He is not fully mature yet. His erratic behaviour is largely due to feral adolescence.

4. No introduction of new Gaels at this time. I recommend that the existing warren be allowed to mature before this happens.

Respectfully submitted,
Radu Popescu

1I use this word in its professional sense.2And not only to the mother. My observations at the birthing have led me to speculations that the involvement of the Gael sire in the birthing process is more complex than an analogy with human parturition would lead one to assume.3Including, unfortunately, the Captain.4From the point of view of the engine room staff, at least.5I apologise for mentioning this regrettable fact, but duty compels.

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