A Conversation for The Minos Front


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Lily [-2+1+0+(8*5)+3=42]

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*slides his hand under his vest to the hilt of his gun--The Oracle*

The lady is right...we are all here together not by chance. Rather, we were brought looking for something...something of great value. If you do not know what I speak of, leave now.


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Lily [-2+1+0+(8*5)+3=42]

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Lily's eyes opened and stumbled to her seat. She reaches down to grab her hand bag off the ground and stuffs it into her long coat. After blinking a bit, she looks around half-dazed.

"How did I get here?" she wonders to herself. She notices a man drinking a martini near her, "Hello, did you see how I got in here? Is this the Minos Front?"

She glances around her surroundings, aware that she is being watched closely. Suddenly her eyes stop on the martini glass on the bar in front of her with her lipstick print on it.

"Wait..." She trails off as she looks carefully at the men around her, "I have been here for a while, I know. So why can't I remember it? Care to explain? Anyone?"

I'm assuming that the purger only gets rid of recent memories. Sorry if incorrect.


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ignore "The lady is right..." in my last post... should save continuity smiley - biggrin


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From his post I kinda assumed it was just really really really bright... i'm pretty sure he isn't a "Man in Black"... your memory should be fine, unless i'm completely off base a rather bad headache is all that should last... if we pretend your last post didn't happen, but your first did with the mild change of having dealth with the bright blinding light-- i think continuity should work out...

*A few of the patrons decide it is just getting too wierd in here and head for the door. Their is a very quiet humming noise from inside the breast pocket of the boy's coat and then that same voice speaks to him.*

SyD: Most everyone that wasn't armed just left, the lady even has a few knives on her person. The collection of weaponry in here is quite impressive. They all seem human, though there is some mild interference in here- so i could be wrong.

Boy: Go dormant, but keep your scanners going. I don't want to be caught by any unwelcome suprises. It speaks at last... I was beginning to wonder how much longer you would put on the fascade of ignorance, but do you really think that fondling your gun is going to ease the tension in here? Before you start spouting talk of great value, perhaps we should have some introductions? You can go first.


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*raises eyebrow*
Hm... very well.

*sets down martini, adjusts lapels, and adopts a posture that allows him to see everything in the room-except the bartender behind him*

My name is Apollo. I am the owner of the Jaguar Convertible out front, and a great many other things. I am here for personal reasons... a matter of vengeance, if you must know, but that is all I will say for now.

Let it be known that I do not trust you, any of you. I know the many reasons that can draw a person to a place like this. But...I have a good measure of respect for each of you, and my respect can be one of your greatest allies. Do not lose it.

That should suffice for now. And you, young one. What is your story?


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*Glances nonchalantly over his shoulder at the flash of light, and turns back. A few seconds later, he returns with the martini.*

Here you are sir. One vodka martini, shaken, as requested.
Anything for the lady here?

*Eyes Marshal*

Sir, I would ask you keep the... carrying on of business down to a low. We may be already watched for, and from what I know, Daedalus has no problems with security. That would include... certain devices, if you catch my drift. And who knows what the police might monitor in this end of town.

So, let's keep things a bit calmer, yes?

*Notices the boy.*

Ah, young master. What would you be having? I assume that one such as yourself is not a heavy drinker, but I might accomodate...?


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*The boy nods to the barkeep.*

Boy: No thank you barkeep. I am Eddie. I don't like, respect, or trust any of you and could care less how you view me. I have my own reasons for being here and that is all anyone needs to know.


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*The lights flicker for a second and then die. In the sudden darkness a faint glimmer of light can be seen from Eddie's direction and a woman's voice chirps loudly.*

SyD: ED-E! The police band just went crazy and there is a dense metal object approaching the perimeter! Profile suggests SWAT armored personal carrier!!

Eddie: I thought I felt a cellular phone nearby...

*Eddie walks smoothly through the pitch black of the room and taps Myst on the shoulder.*

Eddie: I assume you have plans in place for this sort of situation?


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Ah, well, that's too bad.

*Wipes out smiley - empty*

You're going to want some allies, from what I can tell...


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Sorry, that should have been before yours.

*Turns and looks at the boy.*

Plan? No, I'm just a barkeep. However, I am certain improv can make good music. Shall we see how it does now?


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Dizzy H. Muffin

[Yar] Pfft. EVERYONE has their reasons for being here. [fiddles with his gun]


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Dizzy H. Muffin

D'OH! Ignore that.

[Yar] Let the fun begin. [gets out two bluish disks]


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yup yup

Eddie: SyD, some light for the others?

*The room is filled with a warm ambient light as a glowing silver sphere floats out of his pocket.*

Eddie: Well it seems Daedalus has decided one or all of us are a threat. We need to be leaving now and whomever has a cellular on them, please leave it behind. SyD?

*The glowing ball pulses slightly with her words*

SyD: Structural plans show a main sewer line passes the cellar .85 meters from the wall. Assuming the SWAT Commander follows standard procedure, we have approximately 8 minutes until they breach the door.

Eddie: Anyone who doesn't feel like playing with the SWAT fellows would probably like to come along.

F105302 <---The Sewers


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Lets say the SWAT fellows will be coming in 6 posts from this one.


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I'm Still Thinking... Lord Of Hell.

Sorry I haven't been on the thread, my mom was expecting a important phone call.

*Robert, who has been watching all this while drinking, decides to evacuate to the sewers.*


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Good idea, sir. But I daresay we aught to leave something for the nice men in blue. Or black.

*Mystrunner moves over to the door, where he affixes something to the wall. It glows, beeps twice, and shuts off. He continues this for a few seconds, and drops something round and metallic blue under a table, where it sits.*

Tear gas grenades. Proximity sensitive. And that-

*Points to sphere*

-is a sonic dampener. When it goes on, counter-waves are produced in response to all sound it picks up. A tool of my trade, but I'm willing to part with it for now. This will confuse them for quite a while.

*Mystrunner bends down to flick a switch on the orb, which lights up. He motions for the others to follow him, and drops down through the hatch in the back.*


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*watches in admiration*

Wow, quite a few nifty toys in the ranks! *clicks a button on his key ring...the Jaguar outside spins off into the distance*

What a shame, and I was hoping for a good drive tonight smiley - erm

Ah well... *grabs martini*. Into the hole! Come on Lily, Yar... don't want to stay around when that gadgetry goes off, now do we?

*jumps into the sewer*


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Lily [-2+1+0+(8*5)+3=42]

Lily just shook her head.

"What is it about men and flashy toys?"

She wiped her lipstick off of her glass and followed the others into the sewer. She supposed that they would continue their conversation there.


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Dizzy H. Muffin

[Yar] What /I/ want to know is: what is it with adventures and sewers?? [follows]

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