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The Public Broadcast System is a U.S. network which broadcasts an array of shows that can be described as not merely eclectic, but completely schizophrenic. The spectrum traverses from original programmes like Joseph Campbell's "The Power Of Myth," and Ken Burns' "The Civil War," to imported programming like "The Benny Hill Show," and "Are You Being Served?"

A long-time commitment to such daytime educational programming as Sesame Street has resulted in two generations of children able to read at a college level before the bones of their skulls have fully knitted together. This is a testament to the power of both mass media and googly-eyed puppets. As Marshall McLuhan once said, 'The Medium is the Message,' and when the medium is googly-eyed puppets, the message is high standardized test scores.

Federal funding for Public Television in the United States has been cut in recent years, so programming resources are generally supplemented by the twice-yearly Bataan-Death-March-esque phenomenon known as Pledge Week, whereby the broadcast of John Tesh concerts are interrupted at five-minute intervals by both local and national Public Television personalities like Bill Moyers and Big Bird who implore you to send a cheque, or phone in with your credit card number, with the sincere promise that if you 'light up those lights' they'll stop broadcasting John Tesh at you and put on Antiques Roadshow instead.

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