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Posted: 11th July 2022

Vantage Points

Storks on the roof, by Superfrenchie.

Superfrenchie saw storks on a roof. I saw bears and a raccoon and a bluejay. Tavaron spotted moths and butterflies. Galaxy Babe not only got up close and personal with a blue-tailed damselfly, but was buzzed by the Royal Air Force, in three colours, no less.

Willem painted a harlequin duck. SashaQ captured a duck landing. In far-flung places, water rushes over and around rocks, and puffins keep a sharp eye out for the guy from the lighthouse who isn't a lighthouse keeper.

The bunny's in the clover. The oleander is in bloom. If you look at the sea, the horizon's doing something funny.

We've managed to capture beauty on four continents and an island. We'd like to have a few more, so if you know anybody from further east or further south or further north, tell them about us.

There's humour in here, and a few surprises. For instance, Bluebottle (whose humour is full of surprises) might be interested in our historical discovery: somebody claiming the Beatles, mind you, were part of a communist conspiracy to hypnotise the youth. It's good for a laugh. Meanwhile, Awix has been drinking in Elvis music.

Please read, share widely, and comment in a friendly and perspicacious way. Send more Stuff. I want to see what else we can find.

Have a good week, and remember: If your cat bites you it means he loves you. At least, that's TJ's story, and he's sticking to it.

Dmitri Gheorgheni

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Bears on Parade

Mama bear and cubs by DG.




Red Arrow flyover at Cleethorpes, by Galaxy Babe.


Bluejay by DG.

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