Create Challenge May 2022: Grandparents

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Create Challenge May 2022: Grandparents

Grandmother and granddaughter on a horse in farm country.
When I was a little bitty boy just up off the floor

We used to go down to grandma's house…

– John Denver, 'Grandma's Feather Bed'

Did your grandmother have feather beds? Did your grandpa milk cows? Or was he a dignified lawyer or a skilled mechanic or a cop on the beat? Did your grandmother ride to school on a trolley as a girl, or (like the Post Editor's) on a horse?

This month, tell us about your grandparents. What are your memories of them? What stories did they tell you? What did they teach you? What do you know about their lives?

If your grandparents weren't around, who filled in that gap for you? Tell us about older people you knew when you were young. What were they like? What did you learn from them?

Passing things on from generation to generation is a treasured human practice. Share some of the things that got passed down to you: recipes, tales, advice, skills, or just funny things that happened. We want to know!

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