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The aerial scenes make me think of a Douglas Adams conceit

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paulh. Don't accept substitutes

In one of Douglas Adams's books, there is a flying party that never stops. A shiny red sports car that rolls out of the hatch is frosting on the cake.

The idea of cargo boxes tied to each other and streaming out of an airplane hatch make me think of the last chapter of Stephen King's "Hearts if Atlantis," in which one of the main characters is in a horrid traffic jam on the Connecticut Turnpike. A bad time and place to die, but the death is surreal: all the detritus of the character's life falls on him from the sky. File cabinets, furniture, cars, etc. Maybe the plane form "Uncharted" was overhead and the stuff inside it fell on this Stephen King character.

I've been having a snowy, bitter cold Winter, and I wasn't necessarily looking for a movie with great plot or characterizations. It was enough that Tom Holland (who is very personable and attractive) was on his way to lush tropic locales. I've seen "South Pacific" and "Wild Orchid," but I wanted something new, and on a big screen with surround sound and no reminders of the winter wretchedness outside.
I don't care about computer games. Tom and Mark and Antonio are real people, not computer programs. smiley - yuk

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The aerial scenes make me think of a Douglas Adams conceit

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