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Posted: 6th December 2021

Snow and Celebration

Cardinals in a snowy bush.

The winds are blowing up here, Willem. While you're out annoying birds and enjoying nature, we're all shivering. There was a big storm last week in the UK and it caused unusual power outages (Word turned that into 'outrages', which is more perspicacious than I usually give it credit for). As somebody who's experienced quite a few of those, I sympathise. SashaQ has the report. Meanwhile, we've had snow, which makes the cardinals even more decorative. 'Tis the season: more hours of darkness and the appreciation of a good fire.

The 'Twice-Told Tales' have been twice-told. We had a good time and hope our readers did, too. Haven't read them yet? Here's the permanent archive list for handy reference. There may be some book-merch coming out soon, too. We'll keep you posted.

Meanwhile, the Create Team wish to remind you that December's challenge involves do-it-yourself holiday gifts. Got any good recipes, plans, patterns, or instructions? Please share! This week, Paulh tells you about his gift ideas.

Speaking of holidays, Milla's been celebrating Hanukkah and Superfrenchie has been admiring Christmas trees and St Nicholas decorations. Have questions? Ask the contributors. It's the best way to learn.

We've got everything in this issue: nature photography. Zombies. Aliens. Jokes. Creepy cats playing pianos. Art. Music. An epic spork. You won't understand that one until you read the issue. So read, already.

Enjoy your week. And remember: into each life some precipitation must fall, wet or frozen. But if the precipitation comes in the form of frogs, we definitely want you to send us the video.

Dmitri Gheorgheni

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Quote of the Week: Well, between "love the use of alliteration to mimic the repetitive quality of the life and death cycle" and "oh yeah, King Arthur, I once had a teddy bear named Arthur it's the same name as Arthur Miller and did you know teddy bears are called like that because of Teddy Roosevelt", there's got to be a middle ground somewhere.

Superfrenchie, on the level of critique during last month's serial novella experiment.

Create December 2021 by DG

December 2021 Create Challenge:
Do-It-Yourself Holiday Gifts

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Coming Through the Mountain

Stag Moose

Stag Moose by Willem.


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  • Puzzles, storybooks, cookbooks.


Good Night!

Bats hanging upside down, by Mrs Hoggett.


Music for St Nick, or
Handel Sneaks Up to the Attic

Creepy Louis Wain-style cats playing musical instruments and singing.
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