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Posted: 29th November 2021

Butterflies and Sunbeams

A small tortoiseshell butterfly on Galaxy Babe's buddleia.

Another butterfly from Galaxy Babe this week. We need pretty things to look at as the weather turns cold for many of us. Not Willem: he's off on another expedition right now and will return with more wonderful things to look at. In the meantime, he's sent us another painting of a dainty little deer. If you will recall, last week he showed us a muntjac. It turned out the Hoggetts had videoed muntjacs during their visit to a western Pennsylvania animal rescue centre. The video is on this page in case you haven't seen it yet.

More nature this week: Sasha's been measuring things, such as the wingspan of a godwit (love those birds!) and the length of a diminutive snail. Tavaron welcomes new arrivals at her home aviary: more budgies. She got a photo of one.

Speaking of wildlife, Mrs Hoggett has sent us a wildlife-related photoessay. It involves Noah's Ark – the one in Kentucky. It's an impressive structure. That's not a building. It's a boat. I've checked, and it's not the only one around. Caiman says he's seen the one they used to have in Dordrecht. I was heartbroken to find out it wasn't there anymore. I hear Greenpeace have erected one near Mt Ararat. If there's an ark near you, we want to hear about it. Maybe these structures will serve as an inspiration to conservationists everywhere.

One last wildlife note: no, those critters last week weren't groundhogs. They were prairie dogs. There's some footage of them in this week's issue. I defy you to keep a straight face.

What have we got, besides cute animals? Stunning photography, of course. Sunset and fog and pounding surf. Signposts and art and outer space. We also have a movie review, and an essay, a quiz and pictures to caption and humour.

The 'Twice-Told Tales' are almost told. Here are the links. If you haven't read them yet, pick one and binge-read the whole thing. Will they all have happy endings? Will the characters end up in unusual places? Only 30 November will tell. Brief summaries appear below. Remember: the idea was to make what screenwriters call a 'haircut' of a famous story or set of motifs. Elektra, a dedicated reader, has remarked that some of these 'haircuts' are more like 'decapitations'.
Camelost: What happens when the Once and Future King meets UK mental health professionals? Could Tennyson have imagined this? In a word, no. But FWR did.
The Electrical Journey of Izzy Himmelfarb: Izzy Himmelfarb is wanted by the police. Not only in Illinois, but also far in the future. Can Charles Hoy Fort, Nikola Tesla, Nellie Bly and Jack Finney help him in his quest to repair the situation and get back to his own era in time for the next set at Woodstock? Yes, reader, this is your Post Editor at work.
Pilgrims' Inn: Paulh has spent all month in a travelling inn. No, the guests aren't travelling. The inn is. They're all fictional, too. Drop in for the food and conversation.
The Cosmic Adventures of Captain Edgeifsir: Tavaron has been taking us all on a journey through space and, let's face it, a universe full of stray memes and tropes. It's a universe where all your science fiction dreams come true. Take a wild ride.
Robyn Hoodie: That's Not My Apocalypse! (Mine's RED): Caiman Raptor Elk hasn't let the pandemic get him down. Or stop his young characters from enjoying themselves. Virtual school has never been so much fun – at least, for the teens.
Beauty or Beast?: SashaQ has woven an intense narrative about a more serious and personal search, giving a deeper meaning to a 'twice-told tale.'

Enjoy your week. And remember: whether your gifts arrive by supernatural messenger, snail mail, or expedited delivery, it really is the thought that counts. So get your thinking done early.

Dmitri Gheorgheni

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Quote of the Week: I...tried to take a video for you of when the two chicks are fed but whenever I come with the camera all the birds freeze in what they do and act like statues.

Tavaron, talking about the budgies.

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Small tortoiseshell butterfly on buddleia, by Galaxy Babe.



Rare Flower

Lilac variety of orange buddleia, by Galaxy Babe.


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