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Posted: 22nd November 2021

The Butterfly Hope

A Red Admiral butterfly perching on Galaxy Babe's fingernail.

Butterflies. We've got 'em, even though it's already snowed on the Post Office (see video evidence below). Galaxy Babe is a butterfly whisperer. She shares her photos this week. h5ringer shares an interesting moth he found.

Obviously, it is not snowing in the UK. I am jealous. It's not snowing in South Africa, either, where Willem has been enjoying the onset of the rainy season and the croaking of friendly frogs. He informs me that there are flying termites. That didn't sound good to me, but Willem replied, 'Oh, no, it's good: they're flying snack food. My cat used to eat them, and so does my friend Ruan.' Ruan is a human.

Besides the butterflies, we've got views from all over. People have been places and sent us pictures so that we can enjoy the vistas, too. Caiman took an amazing walk on the Lower Rhine and took some equally amazing photos. FWR shares some of the images he got on Tenerife. We expect there to be more. We've heard rumours of an extensive trove. Mrs Hoggett trained her camera on some prairie dogs. Willem painted us a muntjac. And Woolly Mammoth fulfilled an editor's wildest dreams by capturing the aurora borealis!

Fun stuff and oddities abound: a memorial stone, signs that puzzle and tickle, art and scenery and Jesus' boat. (Read that with the right accent, please.)

There's humour and things to caption and a quiz, and a movie and an essay and cats. That should hold you for a while.

Oh, and when you're done reading this lot, don't forget to take a look at the unfolding novels. Space, time travel, fantasy, snarky Dutch kids厃ou're sure to find something to interest you. Some plots are thickening, while others merely boil the pot. Click on the links below to enjoy these 'Twice-Told Tales'.
Camelost: What will happen to King Arthur and his gallant friends, now that they've joined forces in the 21st Century? Will they get a blockbuster movie deal out of this? Will the author?
The Electrical Journey of Izzy Himmelfarb is still bouncing our hero from pillar to post. He's driving the Temporal Police nuts, but there's nothing they can do about it. Meanwhile, he's trying to find Nikola Tesla and get back to Woodstock in time for some more love and rock music.
Pilgrims' Inn continues to draw a crowd of storybook figures. Drop in on the banter.
The Cosmic Adventures of Captain Edgeifsir are still taking our square-jawed hero through space. He's rocking that look and finding surprising loot.
Robyn Hoodie: That's Not My Apocalypse! (Mine's RED) takes a humorous look at Dutch lockdown experiences and how teens navigate their virtual worlds. Great jokes, surprising situations.
Beauty or Beast? is set in a slightly different time and with different players. What adventures will Rowan have next?

Enjoy your week. And remember: snow falleth on the just and the unjust. You can't do anything about the weather, but you can photograph it artistically.

Dmitri Gheorgheni

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Gospel of Thomas, verse 42. (We are not making this up.)

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Video Extra:
First Snow

Reeves Muntjac

Reeves Muntjac by Willem.



Box Tree Moth

Box Tree Moth on tree trunk by h5ringer.


Height Competition
Two prairie dogs comparing heights. By Mrs Hoggett.

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