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Posted: 15th November 2021

Lux Ex Tenebris

A jackolantern cat carved and photographed by Sho.

The Post Editor could use one of Sho's amazing pumpkin lanterns these days. The nights are longer now. The frost has definitely been on the Post Office pumpkin, the one we gave to our neighbour because the Post Editor, unlike Sho, was too lazy to carve it and also to make a pie out of it. And because Elektra said, 'If you leave that out there too long, we'll have a vampire pumpkin on our hands.' You'll enjoy the rest of Sho's jack'o'lanterns in this issue. We couldn't bear not to show them to you.

'Lux ex tenebris' means 'light from darkness'. We aim to cast some light on Earth and its denizens this week. Admittedly, our idea of shedding light may not be what you're used to. We have broad vistas to offer as well as close readings. Mrs Hoggett has been to the wildlife refuge and sent us pictures and footage. We are grateful. Photographers keep finding rare and wonderful things to look at, and the storytellers keep telling stories.

Speaking of storytellers, our November serials move on apace. Click on the links below to enjoy these 'Twice-Told Tales'.
Camelost: King Arthur's been sectioned, but what about the rest of the Table Round? They're doing some surprising things in modern Britain.
The Electrical Journey of Izzy Himmelfarb is still taking our hero to surprising places. He's been in a B-17, hidden in a cave, and travelled to Oklahoma by waterspout. Can Charles Hoy Fort help him? Will he ever find Nikola Tesla? Ride along and see.
Pilgrims' Inn continues to attract a variety of unusual guests. Who will we find next?
The Cosmic Adventures of Captain Edgeifsir involves dramatic deeds of derring-do, as well as some interstellar knitting. You'll like this even if you aren't a science fiction fan and don't play computer games.
Robyn Hoodie: That's Not My Apocalypse! (Mine's RED) has so far revealed any number of things you hope your kids aren't doing in their online lessons. Maybe you should read this, just to be sure. Maybe you should read it for the laughs.
Beauty or Beast? has taken a very surprising turn, indeed. You're sure to find it intriguing.

Enjoy your week. And remember: if you see two glowing eyes in the dark, it may not be a mountain lion. It might be a jack'o'lantern. Then again, better be careful.

Dmitri Gheorgheni

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Quote of the Week: Apparent usage irregularities in some characters' speech are controlled by grammatical rules - just as in standard English. This is true of dialects the world over. Since language is not normally spoken in a vacuum, but rather in situations among people, it is clear and reasonable that the use of language be judged by custom and appropriateness rather than by principles of 'correctness' drawn from mathlike assumptions.

Clyde Edgerton, The Bible Salesman

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Camels with Appetite

Lekgalameetse Nature Reserve

Lekgalameetse, mountains by Willem.




Flamingos by Mrs Hoggett.


Load Limit
A sign saying that you must be 42 inches tall to ride the camel, and its weight limit is 240 pounds. By Mrs Hoggett.

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