Robyn Hoodie: That's not my Apocalypse! (mine's RED)

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This is my contribution to the "Twice told tales" challenge. Share and enjoy!

Whatever would happen if Robin Hood and Little Red Riding Hood collided and fused in a COVID lockdown setting?

Read the adventures of Robyn Hoodie and her band of merry (not married) girls from the diary (sometimes dairy) entries of her sort of twin brother.

Robyn Hoodie


Chapter 1:A88034114
Chapter 2:A88034457
Chapter 3:A88034592
Chapter 4:A88034727
Chapter 5:A88034790
Chapter 6:A88034835
Chapter 7:A88034853
Chapter 8:A88034952
Chapter 9:A88035348
Chapter 10:A88035384
Chapter 11:A88035438
Chapter 12:A88035465
Chapter 13:A88035528
Chapter 14:A88035564
Chapter 15:A88035609
Chapter 16:A88035942
Chapter 17:A88035979
Chapter 18:A88035960
Chapter 19:A88036068
Chapter 20:A88036103
Chapter 21:A88036158
Chapter 22:A88036202
Chapter 23:A88036518
Chapter 24:A88036554
Chapter 25:A88036617
Chapter 26:A88036671
Chapter 27:A88036716
Chapter 28:A88036725
Chapter 29:A88036770
Chapter 30:A88036905
Chapter 42:A88037111

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