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29. (29 November)

Post 1

Dmitri Gheorgheni - Post Editor


'This is the Police,' the loudspeaker bellowed sixty feet above Arthur's head.

The heat and light of 32 million candle power formed a perfect circle around them as the Nightsun searchlight burst into life beneath the H145 Vulcanair helicopter.

'This is the Police,' the Observer repeated, (just in case it wasn't perfectly obvious), 'Occupants of the… er… occupants of the small dragon… drop your weapons, you are surrounded. Place your hands on your heads and prepare to be boarded.'

Emrys swallowed noisily, cramming cannabis and LSD into his mouth as he pedalled furiously in an attempt to evade the helicopter.

'Seriously?' The amplified voice was incredulous, the chopper banked a few millimeters, the Nightsun expanding to reveal a second pedalo on a collision course with their target.

'Hope you're getting this!' (the co-pilot forgot they were broadcasting) 'They'll pay a bloody fortune for this on those reality cop shows!'

'Cameras running Dave, do you believe this F…. Jeez!'

The searchlight was killed as the chopper pulled up sharply, the Pilot seeing the remains of the steel ‘coaster track coming up fast on his left.

Taking evasive action he yanked the control stick, the helicopter flying upwards and away from the danger within milliseconds.

Far below, there was a soft bump and a crumpling noise as the two fibreglass dragons headbutted each other. A loud splash. Then muffled shouts in the dark.

Then the chopper had regained equilibrium and the lake was once more brilliantly lit.

Bleached out images.

Two small boats being tied together by a guy dressed as a priest.

An older guy holding up a police ID badge to the chopper crew.

A weird looking guy in a gaudy tracksuit and bike jacket, clamping oversized headphones to his ears to drown out the din of the helicopter.

A middle-aged hippy-looking woman, one hand holding down a mass of multi-coloured dreads, the other holding up a middle finger, taunting the flying pigs.

And,what looked like an NHS nurse, with a comforting arm around a guy who looked like Christ.

Of Emrys, and Excalibur, there was simply not a trace.

29. (29 November)

Post 2

Tavaron da Quirm - Arts Editor

smiley - rofl I love how the 'pillar of light' comes from the helicopter

29. (29 November)

Post 3

Caiman raptor elk - Escaping the Array

I now have a vision of Radagast the Brown in place of Merlin, in terms of scruffiness. More specific: The scene where smoke is coming from his ears. (Binged "The Hobbit" this weekend).

29. (29 November)

Post 4

paulh, the apocalypse is coming, it's just late

I wonder how the loose ends will be tied up tomorrow.

Or will they? smiley - groan

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