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28. (28 November)

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Dmitri Gheorgheni - Post Editor


Merlin's Doc Martins eased up on the pedals, the little dragon cruised to a halt in the exact center of the lake.

Arthur looked up from his thoughts. Wayne fidgeted at his side, eager for the magic to engulf them. Bernie craned her neck, squinting into the blackness as Merlin pointed, the glowing tip of his joint appearing to float in the night.

'Here Arthur, here you shall regain all that was once lost. Prepare thyselves, Good Knights, for your God-given King shall need all your strength and fortitude this night.

Those we counted as friends, allies, family even, have turned against us! Lancelot, blinded by forbidden love for the King's Lady, now seeks to subdue you all, chain you, keep you hidden from your glorious destinies.'

All three snarled defiance, no man would return them to humble captivity. They would rather die this night, than succumb to traitors! .

Merlin continued,

'Arthur Pendragon, son of Uther, Rightwise King of All England, look to the Lady of the Lake, recover the mighty Excalibur with which you may smite the unbelieving traitors!

Behold noble folk, She comes!'

The three saw nothing, Merlin's joint briefly flared in the dark as he took a huge lungful. Expelling the smoke, they watched the cloud of skunk fumes drift over the waters.

The smoke curled in on itself, spiralling into the shape of a woman, glowing faintly, translucent white against the blackness.

Merlin stepped forward, his body blocking their view of the Lady. His cloak blotting out the light as he stooped towards the still surface, a faint splash, and he turned.

Holding out his hands to Arthur, the dim glow of the reefer reflecting orange off the steel in the wizard's hands.

'My King.' Merlin said simply, bowing as Arthur took the wet sword from him.

Arthur's sinews sang with the long-forgotten weight of the great blade.

He gripped Excalibur with both hands, holding it aloft, eager for the feel of Heaven's Divine Powers!

The air seemed to vibrate around them, the waters boiled, and a mighty column of Light reached from the Heavens to Arthur.

The Once and Future King threw his head back, basking in the Light, ready to receive God's Holy Orders!

28. (28 November)

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paulh, the apocalypse is coming, it's just late

Yeah, yeah, sure that's Excalibur! In a dragon boat in the lake in an amusement park.

Merlin, have you been hiding that sword under your cloak? Does it bend? smiley - biggrin

28. (28 November)

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Caiman raptor elk - Escaping the Array

Only after two weeks Paul, when the warranty period has passed.

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