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26. (26 November )

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Whilst they waited for Lance at the fake shoreline of the man-made lake, Galahad knelt to tie his shoelace, plucking the bits of debris off his black sock. Priests and Police indeed!

Gwen placed a hand on his shoulder, 'God willing, we'll have them back safe soon, Galahad'.

Galahad knelt at the shoreline, looking down at his gleaming sabaton, receiving the blessing from his King and the Lady Guinevere.

'By the Will of God, we shall have you back with all haste, Galahad!' So spake Arthur.

Guinevere placed a kindly hand on his armoured shoulder, 'And, with Lancelot at your side, no harm will befall that father's son!'

A snort by his side, Galahad looked up from his feet, into the smiling eyes of his father.

Lancelot snorted again,

'Any may try, but no man, no beast, not even Lucifer himself will harm a hair on his head! Trust me, my Lady, you shall have your favourite amongst us returned in good health!'

They crossed themselves at the naming of the Devil, but laughed at Lancelot's devotion.

Although born out of wedlock, Lancelot had taken the boy as his own, trained and educated him in the art of chivalry. Proud when knighthood was bestowed upon the lad by his friend and King.

Sir Lancelot clapped a hand on Sir Galahad's other shoulder, 'I'm here, son, stay close, stay low, the police are surrounding the park!'

Galahad shook his head, confused by his father's strange words.

He looked up from his muddy black shoes and socks, Lance's hand on his shoulder.

'I called it in, if we can't talk them into coming back, the cavalry are just outside! Stay close, stay low!'

With that, the three ran to the nearest pedalo, pushing the smiling dragon into the lake, clambering aboard, pedals creaking as the boat slowly moved away from shore.

26. (26 November )

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Caiman raptor elk - Escaping the Array

Nice mixing of present and not-so-present realities...

26. (26 November )

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paulh, the apocalypse is coming, it's just late

In the Arthurian stories, Galahad will be the one who finds the grail. In "Spamalot," there will be a grail song

When in doubt, get into a dragon boat and go tot e middle of a lake...

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