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23. (23 November)

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Dmitri Gheorgheni - Post Editor


Lance had a weird deja-vu kind of feeling as he walked towards the theme park with Gwen and Galahad.

The younger man held back the wire fencing for them, Lance held out his hand and offered Gwen help clambering over the rubble.

Heard the words 'Thanks, son!' coming from his own mouth, and actually felt rather good, he took Gwen's hand in his and felt even better.

Imagined walking towards this place as a family, full of love and excitement, on a sunny day out, looking forward to spending time together, a magical day to remember.

His wife and son stopped, looking at him quizzically, had he forgotten the tickets? Left the picnic in the car? Forgotten his camera?

'Lance? You okay?'

'Sorry, my love, just looking for… I think I've lost, the, er… '

Lance felt icy rain on his face and was back in the here and now, a chill breeze, night closing in, derelict Amusement Park, with two people who may have well been strangers.

'Sorry, miles away then!'

He smiled weakly, choking back, (what? a sense of regret, disappointment, loss?) and walked through the broken gates of Camelot.
Pleasantly surprised when Gwen took his hand again, leaning in, she touched her head to his shoulder and said quietly, 'Thanks, Lance, I really appreciate you letting me tag along, it means a lot to me.'

Lance caught himself from agreeing with her as she continued,

'I'm so worried about Arthur, he really shouldn't be out here, don't know what I'd do if something happened to him…. or Wayne, obviously!'

Lance let go of her hand, feeling childishly jealous, why couldn't he just tell her how he felt, how he'd fallen for her, how he counted the days between visits, how he didn't give a stuff about Arthur, just used him as an excuse to see the woman he was hopelessly in love with?

Instead he pointed right, and spoke gruffly,

'OK, you and Galahad go that way, I'll go left, we'll meet back here in ten. You have my number if you find anything, be careful, both of you.'

With that, he stomped off, the sounds of his footsteps crunching broken glass and rubble, swallowed up by the rain.

'Bit grumpy tonight?'

'He's lovely, really! Probably just stressed out, I've known Lance for ten years now, honestly, he's usually such a lovely person.'

Galahad sensed more in her tone than her words, 'Are you two, Erm, you know, seeing each other?'

'Oh goodness no! I think the world of him, I do, I like Lance, a lot, but I'm far too wrapped up in work for anything like that,'

Gwen nudged him playfully,

'Besides, he's never asked!'

She waved the light from her phone around the walls, crumbling plasterboard proclaiming 'MUFC are God's, red army rulez' and that Tommo luvved Debz.

'Jeez, this place has seen better days!'

'It has indeed Gwen, 'the land of great knights and amazing days'!' He smiled boyishly, 'I was a biiig fan, back in the day, used to come here with my mum. Well, my adopted mum, but it really was a cool place!'

'Oh, I'm sorry to hear that, love.'

'What, the cheesy slogan or that I was adopted?' he grinned, 'Never knew my birth parents, just my mum was called Elaine, little more than a schoolgirl, got knocked up by her evil boyfriend, one of Lance's lot too apparently!

Anyway, ultra-Catholic family, late seventies, she was whisked away, gave her baby up, he actually went on to have a great family, happy childhood, and turned out to be extremely good looking, could've been a movie star, apparently!'

They both laughed and walked further into the maze of old stalls and shops surrounding what was left of the main attractions.

23. (23 November)

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Caiman raptor elk - Escaping the Array

That's mean. To split them up just before Elaine is mentioned. Still... seven days to fill till the end. Good work.

23. (23 November)

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Tavaron da Quirm - Arts Editor

This is really exciting!

Unfortunately I play Fallout so abandoned amusement parks give me nightmares.smiley - rofl

23. (23 November)

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paulh, the apocalypse is coming, it's just late

I think there may still be some amusement left in that park. smiley - bigeyes

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