A Conversation for Camelost

21. (21 November)

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Gwen checked her watch again. Worry was plain on her face.

Both patients were well past their medication times now, in an hour, maybe two, they would be feeling the effects as the powerful sedatives and antipsychotics began to wear off.

Where the hell were they?

'Charnock Richard, we've got them!'

Lance beamed at Gwen, resisting the very strong urge to hug her.

'Where, why, how did you find them? Are they OK?'

'We can thank the Deacon here, very smart thinking, you'd make a fine detective, son!'

Lance cringed slightly as the words came out, but went on.

'We were focusing, quite rightly, on your two lads, but Galahad here, being the kind caring soul he is, was worried about Bernie, too'

Gwen smiled at the Deacon,

'That's lovely, but how does… '

'That helps us, Gwen, my lovely… '

Another cringe, gods, he was an emotional sieve tonight!
'Because Galahad had remembered why Bernie was here in the first place, and seeing as how I arrested her, I'm shocked I didn't!'

Another blank look from Gwen.

'Here's the important bit, Bernie was doing her Community Service see? No, well, er OK, she was wearing an ankle tag, part of her probation! When she didn't return home, Galahad contacted the tag people, reported her missing, and in breach of her conditions, et voila, ten minutes later she was traced!'

'Lance honey,' Gwen's turn to blush, 'I'm really glad they've found her but I'm more concerned with my boys. '

'I thought it was odd she could get 40 miles away so quickly, remember? Cars are planet killers? But she'd need transport, no direct buses between here and Charnock! She was driven there!'

Gwen was impressed, 'Wow, Deacon Kojak solves another mystery, but, still… '

'I had the locals from Lancashire Constabulary have a drive by, purely locate/trace in case your lads had, well, in case of foul play, and they reported back, positive sighting of..'

He smiled and read from his police notebook.

'Ahem… subject sighted, patrol reports Y reg Ford Transit, red dragon logo, female in her 40s, surfer dreadlocks, dressed like a hippy. IC, (sorry, in company) , with male dressed as wizard, male looking like 80s pop star, and a male who resembles Christ, possibly enroute to fancy dress party…. All four now under obs, patrol waiting instructions Cheshire OIC, officer in charge', that'd be me! We got them all Gwen, and you'll never guess where they are!'

'Camelot!' beamed Emrys.

The place had seen better days, indeed, the bulldozers and wreckers that had been waiting to develop the 140 acre site, since the theme park closed its doors more than a decade ago, had started work only recently.

The proposed plans to build houses on the land had fallen through (again, thanks to Green Rebellion protests) and the bulldozers and wreckers were mothballed again.

Chunks of the main entrance had gone, the castle's facade now looking like it had been in a war zone. The skeletal structures of the long-dead rides and rollercoasters loomed above broken cement and rotten wood.

There is nothing as eerie as a disused theme park, and Camelot was no exception, thought Bernie as she held the chain link gate open for Emrys to drive the van through.

In the rear of the Transit, Arthur sat, feeling agitated, unwell, dizzy, and a bit strange as his medication levels dropped and his true self was released.

Gawain, no longer Wayne G, was also feeling the effects, as his blood levels were cleansed of pharmaceuticals for the first time in years. Clear headed and bright, he sat in awe, awaiting the King's attention.

Bertilak, the Green Knight, ran her fingers through her strange, tangled, multicoloured mane. Looking down at the flowery skirts and heavy boots, longing for the feel of hoes and armour, and a decent haircut!

Emrys, the Immortal, flung open the creaky doors and bade the King welcome.

Here, the legendary Knights would reband, here, Arthur, Once and Future King, would truly awaken.

For here, hidden amongst the decaying gaudiness of the fairground rides, lay hidden the fabled Excalibur!

They should be here with the hour, thought Emrys, passing the last of the sweets around.

Once the other three had arrived, Merlin felt his work could resume in earnest and a new and better world would greet the dawn.

21. (21 November)

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paulh, hiding under my bed

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This story is really a hoot! Fill the grail with mead and celebrate.

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