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19. (19 November)

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Dmitri Gheorgheni - Post Editor


Tom, slightly breathless, entered the room just as Merlin the Magnificent was showing a bemused Gwen the Queen of Hearts, seemingly plucked from out of Galahad's shoe, a card she had signed, and then placed in her own shoe, only minutes earlier!

He gave Gwen a sweetie as a prize for being such a good sport, and the audience clapped enthusiastically, whether for the trick, or the chance of getting free sweets, Emrys didn't know.

He threw a couple more out, just in case, Arthur and Wayne pounced on the lemon drops, sweets didn't last long on the ward! They crunched away, happily clapping their new, favourite performer.

The applause died suddenly as the lights went out and the fire alarm screamed into life.

Around the hospital, the electro-magnetic locks sprung open. (A common safeguard to avoid people being trapped inside a burning building, if the staff were incapacitated in such an emergency)

Tom stood up on the platform next to Emrys, a slight nod of recognition passed between them.

Tom took charge, this was his domain, 'Ladies, gentlemen, I'm sure there's nothing to worry about, but we have to initiate evacuation procedures.

Staff members, please escort your respective groups to the designated Muster Points for Roll Call.

Visitors, your Muster Point will be the Visitors' car park, please do not leave 'til you are accounted for on the fire register, that's why it's so important to sign you all in properly!'

He glared at Bernie before continuing.

'I will take responsibility for split wards, you, you, you and you, please stay close to me. We'll all be safe if we follow the procedures and no one panics. Let's go folks!'

Much scraping of chairs, then the room was silent.

Tom loved it when his protocols worked like a charm.

He led Arthur, Wayne G, Emrys, and, surprisingly, Bernie, down a side stairwell and out into the staff car park.

Two minutes later, in a plume of diesel fumes, Emrys gunned the engine North.

Patients, visitors and staff milled around, waiting for Security to check the building, tick them all off the register, and declare it was safe to re-enter the hospital.

Lance stood with Gwen and Galahad, looking around for the other Visitors, all had been accounted for, bar Bernie.

It was another half hour before Arthur, Wayne G, and also Merlin the Magnificent were reported as missing.

Emrys and Bernie, they presumed, had simply become bored, and wandered off home, (brazenly flouting proper protocols and procedures, as Tom was careful to remark. Numerous times.)

Arthur and Wayne G however were Sectioned patients, had to be declared Awol, and the Police informed.

Luckily, Sgt Hallot was at the scene, made a few calls, and stated he was dealing with the incident from Lake House, along with their clinical and security staff. The missing patients posed no threat to the public, and the MisPer forms were being completed as we speak.

19. (19 November)

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Caiman raptor elk - Escaping the Array

That looks like a well planned escape.

Maybe Emrys should buy (or conjure) a new van with a EURO 6 diesel engine, so that they can't be traced by the fumes? (sorry, job deformation kicking in)

19. (19 November)

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Tavaron da Quirm - Arts Editor

smiley - laugh

Sounds all very exciting!

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