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16. (16 November)

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Dmitri Gheorgheni - Post Editor


It had taken almost five years of intensive psychiatric treatment, CBT and MDT sessions, and various pharmacological cocktails, to persuade Arthur that the whole Once and Future King fantasy was nothing more than a psychological response to some deeply buried trauma.

The shrinks had offered up the possibility of PTSD forcing Arthur's mind to invent a 'reality' that allowed him to become a different person, a powerful character that had simply slept through whatever trauma that had befallen him.

Psychotherapy and hypnotherapy had, however, failed to stimulate any memories prior to him being found wandering on Helsby Hill a decade before, the only cognitive links to his past proving to be stubbornly fictitious.

Although he had eventually accepted his reality, relearning centuries of history and dropping his archaic speech patterns, Arthur (he accepted the name as he had no recollection of any other) was still troubled by the hallucinations involving what he called 'the Lady'.

No permanent healing could take place until his mental state improved sufficiently and his mind no longer needed these supernatural references to shield him from the truth.

So it was, as Emrys thought of bringing the King into the light, Arthur sought only peace and numbness, wishing these fantasies would stop and he could be well and live his life as just a 'normal' man.

Maybe get a tent and go wandering?

Open spaces and a few bottles of cider?

The idea confused him more, why did they sound so appealing, so familiar?

He sat mumbling to himself, trying to sort out his thoughts into words.

As Gwen left the stage in the Common Room, Arthur rocked himself into his chair, battling his own mind, at the opposite end to the stage, waiting for the distraction of the afternoon entertainment.

A soft touch.

On his left, the beautiful, kind, Gwen, hand placed comfortingly on his shoulder as she poured him some warm tea (boiling water was forbidden in patient areas).

Arthur had grown fond of Gwen, he allowed himself, when his mind was still, to imagine what may have happened if they had met in better circumstances.

On his right, invisible to all but he, the Lady of the Lake Hospital, whispering nonsense, tempting him back into insanity.

'Emrys is here. Be prepared, my King!'

Gwen felt Arthur tense as the spangly curtain parted and the bearded magician began his act.

16. (16 November)

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Caiman raptor elk - Escaping the Array

Just like reputations: Takes decades to build, but gone in seconds.

Interesting approach. Now I want to know how Arthur reacts.
(My son is called Arthur. He would probably say "banana" or "IMPOSSIBLE!"(with the French pronunciation). That's adolescents...)

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