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15. (15 November)

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Dmitri Gheorgheni - Post Editor

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Emrys wished he'd brought a joint, but didn't think Mallory would've let him smoke one anywhere near the hospital.

Arthur was here! After so very long. Soon Emrys could rest. His destiny filled, he could finally go home, enjoy an eternity of peace.

All he had to do was break the King out of a Secure Psychiatric Hospital, from under the noses of staff and security, in plain view of a Police Officer who'd spent a decade trying to discover who Arthur actually was.

The others too would need some convincing in their supporting roles to the King.

Galahad was a cert, pure of thought and deed, he just needed a Just and Holy Cause. Once he knew who his dad actually was, he may be of help getting Lancelot on board too.

Bertilak, the Green Knight, ever the one to test the heart and mettle of the Knights, would be slightly harder, but the lure of authority and a bit of power to change the world, make it a truly green and pleasant land, may persuade her to follow for once in her life!

Gawain, oh Gawain, what to do with poor Gawain. He would surely follow Arthur, as a devoted nephew and Knight. But getting some semblance of sanity established would be a quest in itself!

Then Guinevere, the Lady Gwen. Already Lance had fallen for her, that much was strikingly obvious after a few short minutes with them, but would her compassion for Arthur turn to love? Would that wretched eternal triangle re-establish itself?

All problematic, but all within reach, once they accepted the fact they'd waited 1500 years for Arthur to literally resurface, being reincarnated, time upon time, always linked in some way, but each life spent in blissful ignorance of their past and future.

Then, the simple task of convincing Arthur he wasn't mad, wean him off ten years of medication, reunite him with Excalibur, and point him in the right direction to save Britain and lead the world into a bright, shiny future of peace and prosperity!

He'd already commenced his plan, time would unfold their minds, a few prompts before the big reveal. But, hey, he'd been doing tricks for donkeys' years now, this was just a lot, lot, bigger!

Taking a deep breath, he calmed his nerves, adjusted his cloak, and stepped from behind the spangly curtain.

15. (15 November)

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Caiman raptor elk - Escaping the Array

Nice summary of the "Who's who?". I missed out on the Green knight.

Let the magic commence!

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