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13. (13 November)

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Dmitri Gheorgheni - Post Editor

(Sorry. Still posting from here for the Post Team. Brian's working on it.)


Three tables over, Bernie was staring too.

'What?' Lance demanded rather abruptly, bloody cheeky hippy really wound him up, testing his good nature to the limits.

Bernie chewed her vegan meal theatrically, no rush to answer the bully boy cop.

Swallowing just as theatrically, she simply replied, 'Priests and Police.'

'Wow, very astute, get that from uni.? It's the socks, black socks. Dead giveaway, thanks for pointing that out!'

His attempts at snark fell on deaf, multi-pierced, ears.

'No, apart from the socks. You and the Father. You look like clones, obviously he's younger, nicer, better looking, more human.'

She sniffed the air, bloody theatrics again!

'And, he doesn't smell at all like bacon!'

She smiled sweetly, enjoying the game of bait the pig,

'But other than that, you could be related!'

Lance ignored the jibes, but his policeman's eye took in the Deacon across the room, analysing his features, comparing facial features, searching for identity matches.

Jawline similar, hair as his was thirty years ago (Christ, he felt suddenly old!) same Roman nose, cheek bones also similar. But the striking difference was the eyes, shape wrong, colour way too intense, long lashes, almost feminine.

Those eyes stirred a memory in Lance, a first love, first love affair, first totally broken heart.


The name came unbidden from his soul. His beautiful Elaine, whisked away from him by Bible-bashing parents, leaving a broken-hearted teenager, and the regret of what could've been.

His investigative training pushed the thoughts down, mentally calculating the age difference between the Deacon and himself. Nah, impossible, he'd have to have fathered a child at 16 or 17, and he was sure he'd remember that!

He stirred his cold tea thoughtfully, as thoughts of teenage love stirred his emotions.

The electronic beep and click as the doors were unlocked, and the first of the patients were let in, snapped him out of his soul searching.

Tom practically leapt to his feet, standing to attention at the serving hatch, one eye on the room, the other firmly on the tray of sporks.

13. (13 November)

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Caiman raptor elk - Escaping the Array

Interesting observations.

Is there any other way for eating a vegan sausage than slowly?smiley - run

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