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12. (12 November)

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Emrys stroked his beard for the umpteenth time in five minutes. The way the Deacon was staring at him had him convinced there was an errant piece of ham sandwich from the lunch Gwen had offered stuck in his facial hair.

Again! That bloody sideways stare, maybe the soon-to-be man of the cloth sensed something more supernatural lived in Emrys, and it wasn't a piece of pork-based snack he was transfixed by?

'Okay, not cool now! Do you want to tell me what's up?' He glared at Galahad.

'Oh dear, my apologies, nothing's up, as it were, just that you remind me of someone from years back. A happy childhood memory, that's all, sorry again if I've caused any offence!'

'Go on…let me guess… Catweazle, Worzel Gummidge, Billy bloody Connolly? It's the hair and beard, get it all the time, no worries, mate!'

'No, not that at all, although Billy Conn…. erm no, what I was thinking, and I'm obviously wrong, the guy would probably be in his nineties now… anyway. One of my earliest memories, probably, let me see I was about five or six, so… '

Emys took another sandwich, not that he was hungry, but it was a good shield to hide the yawn behind, what was it about the clergy that made them so bleedin' dull?

'.... So that'd make it mid-eighties? We went on a day trip to a local theme park, Camelot, up by Chorley, great place, sadly derelict now, but I had a great time, the rides, actual knights actually jousting on horseback, great stuff for a young lad, but, my point is, there was a magician working there, a great magic show, obviously called Merlin due to the whole Camelot thing, but, by Jove, he was the spitting image of you! I bought a poster, had it on my wall for years. That face is so well remembered, you could be his son, you're so alike!'

'Great story, Father' Emrys stood up hurriedly, 'Got to go get ready, nice talking to you.'

Emrys was escorted from the Common Room by the eagle-eyed Tom Mallory, who wondered why the magician was whispering to himself something about 'hoping he didn't use the same bloody act he'd had forty years ago!

12. (12 November)

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Caiman raptor elk - Escaping the Array

Lack of memory space can be a problem for immortals. ("Do you know what you said november 21st 1975?")

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