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10. (10 November)

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Wayne G sat in the clinical reception room, Section 47/49 papers exchanged hands between the prison guard and a rather cute-looking nurse.

Gwen smiled at the young lad and explained the procedure. He'd been transferred from custody after being found guilty of possession of a large amount of ecstasy tablets, but, because he was still struggling with drug-induced psychosis, the Prison Service thought he'd benefit from being in hospital instead, and the DoJ had agreed, so he'd be Sectioned under the Mental Health Act.

She told him not to worry, she'd look after him, the other patients were a nice bunch, and she was sure he'd be a lot happier at Lake House whilst they dealt with his mental wellbeing and drug issues.

Wayne assured Gwen he would be no trouble to her or anyone else, he just wanted to get better, get back to his nights and his tables.

'That's good to hear, gee Wayne, let's get the paperwork signed off and we'll take you through to the wards, get you a cuppa and see you get settled in.

'You've come to us at a great time, got a performer coming in today, magician he is, Merlin the Magnificent! Should be an interesting afternoon!'

Down the corridor, in the Common Room, Arthur sat in the throne-like 'big chair', beside him, invisible to all but he, the Lady whispered in his ear,

'Emrys comes. Be ready!'

10. (10 November)

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Caiman raptor elk - Escaping the Array

Ah, the characters are converging. I'll just go and read the next one as well.

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