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9. (9 November)

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'136?' The Custody Sergeant looked up from the PaCE 1 form.

'Naked in the rain, playing tick with traffic, states he's been asleep under the Hill for… ' Lance looked at his prisoner. 'Please tell the Sergeant how long your, Erm, nap was for again, if you please, Sir.'

Arthur looked earnestly at the C.O.

'This yeoman tells me that this is the year of our Lord two thousand and twenty-one?' The number seemed fantastical to Arthur.

'9th November, 2021AD, last time I checked my watch, yup!'

'Then, good sir, your King's sleep has lasted one and one half millennia!'

The Custody Officer looked to Lance, shaking his head,

'Custody refused, place of safety order, 136, take this gentleman to the Royal, get him some proper help, lad.'

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9. (9 November)

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